Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I’ve been avoiding the computer like the plague!


We’ve been busy like crazy and I’ve been doing lots of things out of the house with the kids…so, the internet has taken a back seat for a while.


You know when you look at your inbox and see like hundred of unread messages?…my heart starts beating fast and I just cannot bring myself to weed through them. TOTAL anxiety. I haven’t even checked blogs in weeks!


Bad Suz. Bad.


So, I’m sitting in bed on this Tuesday morning, listening to the little hoodlums upstairs playing and I’m working on blog posts! Yaaaaay.


Still here! Are you? Winking smile

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amy said...

You're a busy mama!! I think your readers stay tuned no matter what ;)

Jen said...

Me too! Haha When I get behind in Blogging my family starts sending me messages. I try to keep up but it is easier when it is cold and wet outside!!!

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