Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Sactown Sun Warms my Heart

Awww. cheesy but true! A little over a week ago, Joe and I made a trip to Sacramento to play with our BFFs (and fellow quad family): the McNultys! We used free airline miles and vouchers---which made the trip even sweeter. We had such a great time, just being a part of the McNulty everyday life.

Love them SOOOOOOO much!


Friday: Gen, the kiddos and I went to her lil-sis’s college graduation.

Suz, Ally, G




Sweet Katie and the fam! Love them all like they were my own. Congrats K-Lou!! I know your big sis is beyond proud of you.




Still not quite sure what Conor and Joe were doing during their “dudes afternoon”…but we didn’t care because the girls were going out that night with Casey Quilao!!! (my fav triplet mom, with another precious baby girl on the way!) LOVE HER TO PIECES!!!!

05 may 2011 100



The next day was an absolute blast. We went out to eat for some grub. Libs, me, Mo-mo

05 may 2011 101-1



G and Ally Boo Boo

05 may 2011 102-1



Ummm…so I noticed in these pictures, that it is always me with the girls. I have like zero pics of my handsome Russ-man. Oops! I guess I get enough testosterone at home and just gravitate toward girly girls??

Molly, Suz, Ally

05 may 2011 103-1



Sweet Lil Libs!

05 may 2011 125



And thanks to Molly B, for coming over to play with the kids while the grown-ups headed out for 4 hours of whirlwind wine tasting! You are awesome, woman and we appreciate you so much!

My husband is a huge nerd…God love him. Winking smile

05 may 2011 105



Me and Genny Mac- driving up into California wine country.

05 may 2011 106



The boys- trying to be funny, but looking borderline creepy instead…seriously, what are those faces? LOL

05 may 2011 108



We were like speed demon wine tasting, trying to get back home in time for Molly to be able to leave. Some of the best times I’ve ever had in my life!

05 may 2011 107



Crazy Genevieve, how I love you so!

05 may 2011 109



In front of the vineyards with my main man. Such a gorgeous day!

05 may 2011 116



My sista from anutha mista.

05 may 2011 118




The next day, we were able to watch Conor play for the Sacramental Gold! It was so cool getting to attend one of his soccer games (even though it was bloody cold!) LOL.

Love Russell’s face in this pic---like “who is this crazy man with his arm around me?” Crazy indeed, Russ.





Me and the hubs. XOXO





We love you guys so much! Thank you for letting us crash your house and love on your kiddos. It is always bittersweet getting to hang with you---knowing that we will have to leave in a few short days. Why do we live a billion states away from each other again?

Suz, Conor, Gen, Joe

05 may 2011 120



Love you with my whole heart, G. You are my best friend.05 may 2011 110-1



Speaking of best friends…where were the Steece quads during Mom and Dad’s California adventure?…Ummm…with Chris and Liz and their 2 yr old twin girls the entire time!!! 05 may 2011 131



6 kids under 4 yrs, under one roof, for 4 days. Wow…

05 may 2011 155



You two are incredible. Joe and I love you more than you could ever imagine. Thank you SO much for always being there for us. You are the best friends anyone could ever ask for.


Lizzie-Poo and me at her birthday dinner last week! I love you, Liz.

05 may 2011 128


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Casey's trio said...

So happy that I was able to see you while you were here! I know how much Gen needed to see her BFF and misses you to pieces when you are so far away in TX! I can't wait until your quaddies make the trip up to Sactown so the whole crew can get together!
Love you girlie :)

Casey's trio said...

And dude...BTW-your Liz is a SAINT! She has definitely earned her crown in heaven huh? Kudos for having 6 under 4 for four days!!!!

Elizabeth said...

aww...you guys are welcome. We love you guys more than you could now too! Glad you had fun in Cali!

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

I'm pretty sure your husband is trying to get a little side boob squeeze in the soccer picture. Keep it PG, kids! ;)

Glad y'all had a nice time!

Kaci said...

I'm from Sac...now in Ohio. Oh how I miss it! Glad you had a great time.

Barbara Manatee said...

Your Liz is one amazing friend!! wow!! Heck...our babysitters seem more willing to watch our 3 kiddos than any of our family or friends!

Looks like an awesome trip! So much fun!! (and awesome that you were able to use airline miles for the trip!!)

Essay Writing said...

Looks tons of fun.. Thanks for sharing...

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