Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The New & Improved Steece Quad-Mobile!

God definitely works through bad situations to bring some good... you just have to keep your heart and your eyes open to realize it.


They never found our stolen burb (booooo!) … so insurance deemed our car a “total loss” and cut us a check. It was well above what we had anticipated which was a HUGE blessing!


After weeks and weeks of searching car after car… we stumbled upon an amazing deal! (On craigslist, no less! Can you believe it?!) We jumped on it immediately and less than 24 hrs later, we were the proud new owners of this 2008 Chevy Suburban!

05 may 2011 17205 may 2011 173



The kids LOVE it and I am beyond thrilled that for the first time ever, their carseats fit PERFECTLY and are SO tight in this burb!

05 may 2011 162



I am also super excited that there is plenty of room to fit cousin Carter in here!!! We plan on helping out a LOT when cousin #2- Sawyer, is here.


There seems to be more room in this burb…which is awesome. We just need every inch of cargo room that a suburban can offer (as you can imagine).


Praising God today for working through a poopy situation.


(Our kids still pray for the “bad man whole stole our car and Rescuers DVD”)


Oh- and I’m keeping my wallet out of my car, & keeping the car IN THE GARAGE!

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Jessica said...

That is terrible that they never found who store your car. Boo. But LOVE your new car! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you guys that it all worked out! I miss my 'Burb sometimes (but not filling it up we had a 3/4 ton wih an 8.1 liter engine that got 8 miles to the gallon). I drive a Toyota Sequoia now not as big, but still will seat 8 if I need it. I think I miss the OnStar the most, that was great!

Anonymous said...

So happy everything worked out!

Lainey said...

they picked a name! Sawyer is beautiful!

Love your new car!

MEGAN said...

So glad the bum situation worked out in the end!
I was telling one of my friends about the shirts you reviews A LONG while ago that nip in the extra skin after giving birth? YOu know what I mean??? Tank top type things you wear under a shirt? I can't find the actual post. My email is meghebs at


jenn said...

im so glad you found a new and improved burb for your family!!!!! yaaaah craig list!

Lauren said...

that's awesome. I'm so glad things all worked out. Love the new car!

The 'Ssippi Scoop said...

Hi! I've been a long time reader, but never commented. So sorry about the loss, but you are so right about the blessings thing. So, I have a question. We have a 2 year old, who rides in a car seat, and are expecting twins in August. We are looking at either a Sub. or a Yukon XL. We are set on getting one with the captains chairs in the 2nd row. I didn't ever see pics of your first one, bu it looks like this one has a fell bench on the 2nd row. What are your thoughts on that, pro's con's?

My thinking is having 3 in a car seat PLUS room for me to ride with them. Is it hard to get to the back row without that middle space?

Your sweet babies are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us!

Barbara Manatee said...

I'm so glad you found a good replacement and the insurance company worked in your favor!! I'm impressed that ANY vehicle can easily fit 4, let alone 5, car seats!!

ChelseaSalomone said...

Very nice!! So happy for you- you TOTALLY deserve it after the debauchery that happened before.

Lissa said...

So happy for you guys !!! The new one looks so nice. Glad that for once - insurance worked in the insured's favor !

Kat said...

So happy that you got a new awesome car! And i love the boys' haircuts!

Brittney said...

not the Rescuers :( boo! So glad you got a new car that is perfect!

Penny said...

Congrats on the new vehicle and car seats! :) Now, go get the babies a new DVD. lol

Anonymous said...

Love the new car, new seats, and cute kids!

I am a CPST, and just wanted to make sure you double check the harness heights. It is hard to tell in the picture, but they look too low. For forward-facing, the straps shoild come from at or ABOVE the shoulders.

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