Friday, June 03, 2011

Pictures from my iphone

What better way to catch you guys up on what’s been going on, than to pull out the ‘ole random pics from my iphone?

Here we go:


Sav’s room, finished…(well, we put a little chair in the corner). Too cute! She loves it.




The wall art I put up in the boys’ room…very cool shadow football player!

04 april 2011 300_thumb



I need to take new pics of the completed room with an Aggie football helmet and words that say: “Brothers who play together, stay together” around the top of the room.

04 april 2011 301_thumb



A vintage baseball scoreboard above Ethan’s bed…(it looks super pink in this pic---but its more of a cream)

04 april 2011 302_thumb



Ahhh, my new Vibram Five Fingers. Love them. After wearing these to run, it will be difficult to wear tennis shoes ever again.05 may 2011 054




These pics are hilarious. It was the morning of the royal wedding that I had recorded. The kids actually got in bed and watched with me. (Andrew, Ethan)

05 may 2011 10105 may 2011 102


Sav left the bedroom and came back in her “wedding veil and crown”…adorable.

05 may 2011 103



She made Andrew pretend to be her “prince” all day long. I was dying laughing.

05 may 2011 10405 may 2011 055



The kiddos loving their new table.

05 may 2011 058



Joe’s new Tahoe (R.I.P. 1997 Ford Explorer). This pic was taken days before the suburban was stolen. Neat.




Speaking of stolen vehicles, this is the picture I sent to friends, around lunchtime, the day our unfortunate event. Winking smile

05 may 2011 060



Kids playing in the sprinkler in the backyard. When I think about childhood, these are my fondest memories. I LOVE getting to experience it all over again with my babies.




Going for a ride in the ‘ole choo choo wagon with our Aggie baseball caps and sun hat for Sav.

05 may 2011 050



Me and the princess before church one Sunday.

05 may 2011 080




We are at the pool ALL THE TIME, now that it is open! Here is our first day back with our pool noodles. (Best toys ever, apparently- they entertain the kids for hours!)

05 may 2011 089



We literally hang at the pool all day long. I love it- because I pack tons of fresh fruit and veggies for snacks!

05 may 2011 090



Such a nerd, Sav said: “Hey Ma, take a picture of me like this”… I guess she was channeling her inner Bugs Bunny and thought she was hilarious… Hmm, reminds me of someone else who lives in our house…

05 may 2011 091


Andrew and Ethan catchin’ some rays.

05 may 2011 092


Benny boy…watch out for that sticker, bud.

05 may 2011 093



05 may 2011 094



05 may 2011 095


Another instance where Sav shouted, “hey Ma! Take a picture of me!”

05 may 2011 099




Thanking Casey for the awesome book she made me for my bday!

05 may 2011 152


Sav was being really quiet upstairs while her brothers played outside, one day after school… I went upstairs to find her like this.

05 may 2011 153



Joe and I on the plane, headed to sunny California and the Macs!

05 may 2011 154



Still in the process of looking for a replacement burb… I had to drive myself and the kids to Waco in the Tahoe. Wow. Tight fit.

05 may 2011 158



Since 2 of our peapods were in the burb, we tried out our napmats from school, while at Papa and Granna’s house. (yes, I turned on the lights at 11pm to take this pic and no one moved a muscle). Apparently the napmats didn’t work out so well the next day, because the kids were up and awake at 4am!!! Ugh.

05 may 2011 159



Driving back from Waco…Ethan and Andrew in the same pose. Unfortunately, this is what I look like when I fall asleep. So graceful…a sleeping beauty, if you will. Winking smile

05 may 2011 160




Memorial Day- after a full morning/afternoon of swimming (riding in our new/used burb!). Drew- left, Ethan- right.

05 may 2011 165



A normal trip to Target. Poor Ben- he’s such a good sport in the drowning bags. (and yes, we use reusable bags- but did not have them with us)

05 may 2011 166



The dudes in their new $8 trunks from The Children’s Place. Ethan, Ben, Drew

05 may 2011 179



Pheww…that’s it! Been busy. Loving life right now. Will try to stay up on my blogging!

Happy Summer everyone!

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Christi said...

I love Savannah's room! We just bought the same tree decal to put in our daughter's room! But, I don't remember seeing all those flowers that you have at the bottom in it? Where did you get those from??


Kelly and Brent said...

LOVE Savannah's room!!! Where did you get the wall decals (i.e. tree and owl's)?

KR said...

OMG I think the last one of the boys in their matching trunks is the best! SO cute! Love the look on Ben's face! :) And also the one of Sav laying on the side of the pool. Your kiddos are adorable.

Krystyn said...

Love the photo recap! Glad everything is worked out with the car.

BTW, your kids still sleep and fit in their peapods? We are traveling soon, but I never thought to use it for our 2.5 year old. Maybe I'll get it out and see if she'll try it out!

Jessica said...

OMG, love Sav's room!!!

Leslie C said...

I'd love to hear more about those toe running shoe things. I've heard of them but haven't really known anyone who wears them. Do you feel light on your feet? Do your toes feel weird? Do you wear socks? If not, do your feet sweat? Do your feet hurt afterwards? Can you feel rocks through them?

Cute kids, BTW. ;)

Verna said...

Keep us updated on how you like your Vibrams. I really want to get a pair!!

KirkKrew said...

Can you please tell us where you got your decals? They are adorable!!!

Esther said...

suz, i love your kiddos without even having met them! over a year ago i asked you about those puddle jumper lifejackets as i saw how much you loved them- well, we tried them at 33 months of age and finally they fit us, skinny little boys! (23lb is what they are but still stay on great, despite the fact that it's recommended for 30-50lb).
anyhow, i am curious if you would be interested in doing a post on life with almost-4 year olds versus life with 2-3 year olds. what's easier? how much have they matured? in what way? etc.
my twins are exactly on year younger and well, at 33 months, they are little rugrats! can't wait for preschool in september!

thanks, suz...:)

Research Paper said...

Excellent photography... All pic are adorable...

Jennifer Haler said...

Ok - same as above, I HAVE to know where you got that tree decal! My daughter's room is also in an owl theme (the Target owl bedspread) and I am currently redoing her room from the decorations that she had that matched her crib bedding.

I've looked on Etsy for some owl decals but haven't found anything that I really liked or matched real well.

Please do tell!

Alissa said...

Love the pics!! Your kiddos are growing up so quickly, they look so cute. Especially love the photos of the kids on royal wedding day - Savannah is too funny with her tiara and veil!
Aren't the puddle jumpers just the best?! Best invention.
Great pics! Happy summer to you guys too :o)

Erin & Joey said...

Suz - you're kids are so stinking cute!! I've read your blog a few times, but feel like I know you guys since your BFF in Cali (aka my sis-in-law) talks about ya none stop! Just wanted to say hi :)

Jennifer Haler said...

I'm going to answer my own question and say Walmart???

Janai Rogers said...

Where did you get the choo choo wagon. I saw a lady at the zoo with one and have been on a mad search for one for all my kiddos.

cat said...

Love Sav's room. My Princess kept talking about Princess Catherine with the royal wedding - no Kate for her, far too unroyal.

Shannon said...

I love the kids room you did a great job!!! I am looking for a new car seat for my kiddo and wondering what your kids have and what you thought about them?

Crazy Me said...

I LOVE the rooms!! They are precious!

I had a really cool moment last night, we were in the waiting room on the 2nd floor of the Jones building at Harris Methodist hosptial when I looked up and BAM there you were! In a photo of course with the kiddos! I was like hey honey I know them! and he was all you do? Lol I said not really like know her in person but I have read her blog for years! ;) It was kinda cool!

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