Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Activities When Bored…

Cram your children in front of the laptop, and take “photobooth” pictures with the webcam:

(me, Ben, Ethan, Andrew, Savannah)



These little Tasmanian devils crack me up to no end.

Good times.

Winking smile

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Amy said...

WOW, Ben And Sav look so much alike in these pics!!

*Stranger to you but avid reader of your blog!!!

Jessica said...

So fun! The little things that entertain kids! :)

Kaci said...

So cute!

cat said...

Just adorable!

Stephanie Jordan said...

I can't imagine there are many "bored" moments in your house! You make multiples look easy!

mary grace said...

i agree with the other comment saying that sav and ben look super similar in these pictures! and ethan (in that first picture especially) looks just like you!

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