Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Summer Trip Down South

A week ago, we headed on down to South Texas for some family reunions and good lovin’. We had a wonderful baby shower for my cousin Eric and Erin, and then finished the afternoon off with a 1 year Birthday Party for our cousin Kieran.


Here is the crew at the Fort Clark Pool (where I spent my summers as a child!) Ben, Drew, Sav, Ethan

06 june 2011 060



My cute little fishies

06 june 2011 062



And now time to party! Auntie JuJu sure knows how to throw a party!!!!! Ethan, Sav, Drew, Ben06 june 2011 071



Cousins Sean, Kristy, and Kieran! Party on, dudes. Look at all that loot!

06 june 2011 074


Ben giving Auntie JuJu some love.

06 june 2011 066



Kids and balloons…what an obsession, right? Check out Savi’s awesome static hair! I told her if she grabbed any more balloons, she was going to fly away like the house on “Up'”. That kinda freaked her out. But it was kinda funny.

06 june 2011 087



Then we headed on over to love on our great grandparents! Love Sav and Ben’s identical smiles---such goofballs!

06 june 2011 096



Checking out Papa’s beeeeautiful backyard, as always.

06 june 2011 102



Giving Sugar some sugar through the window

06 june 2011 105



Sweet Savi. Love this picture.

06 june 2011 109




06 june 2011 111




06 june 2011 112



Drew…not quite sure of taking this picture.

06 june 2011 116



Me and my sweet Papa. Love him so much!

06 june 2011 122


Always a blast to visit down south! I loved getting to see all of my extended family—almost bittersweet because it makes me sad that I do not get to play with them every day!


Big things are planned for our fam this week! More “family reuniting”~ Steece style. CANNOT WAIT!!!!

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Barbara Manatee said...

looks like a fun trip! And whoa!! that lil guy sure looks like he made out BIG time for his birthday! ha!

Esther and Brian said...

just love these kiddos!

am i mistaken or right: ben seems to be suddenly taller than the rest of the crew..illusion or not?

also, do all the kiddos wear the same size? my twins sure do for now (2.5 years old) but i expect that to change at some point...:)

thanks, suz!

cat said...

Looks like an excellent trip.

Melly Wolfe said...

Hey, Suz. I just wanted to point out, all those kids are so tan! Especially little Diva Sav! I'm SO jealous!

Terrell said...

Looks like a blast! I love how your littles get to love on their great grandparents..that is seriously special! Love the pics..each and every sweet one!
Your fam is just darling!

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

I'm not sure if I've ever commented before. If not then I guess I'm coming out of lurkdom :) I just wanted to say how adorable your kids are and I love the way the boys are almost always holding a truck of some kind. Have a happy reunion week

Anonymous said...

Grandpapa and "Sugar" sure did enjoy seeing their great grandbabies.......It meant so much to them, thanks for making the long trip Suz and Joe!

Kristin said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Suz,

I've been reading your blog for three years now- and i've been meaning to comment but kept putting it off!

I LOVE reading about/seeing your family. You're such a great woman and really inspiring- I often think of you on the days when I feel overwhelmed with my little man, and it soon gives me a wake up call.

These pics were awesome- I just wanted to say hi. From a fan in a little town in Hertfordshire, England.

Yasmin xx

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