Friday, June 17, 2011

Sum Sum Summer School

Gotta love summer school!

(well, its more of a Christian Summer Camp twice a week)

I know these kids do! Smile

06 june 2011 043

Andrew, Ben, Savannah, Ethan


Stay cool, my friends,

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Love Being A Nonny said...

Oh my word. They just keep getting cuter and cuter!!!

Me and My Boyz said...

Sav's gladiator sandals really are too much! Those kids couldn't be cuter!

Kaci said...

I just love them! They are just so cute all together! XO

Kristy Jones said...

Summer school is great for Mamas too! So sweet. I've been reading your blog since they were tiny babies! I love "watching them grow up!" :)

Anonymous said...

are you headed to NE to see your team in the CWS? If so let me know...the town is getting wild with all the schools. I dont know exactly when A&M plays or the Longhorns.

Anonymous said...

L~O~V~E the pic of Drew, unsure about the photo op. Super cute. I'm thinking high school grad slideshow, perhaps? I know it's too early for you and your hubby to be thinking about these things, though. I understand that, if anything.

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