Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Iowa & Minnesoootah- Summer 2011

Our super cute and soft new customized nap mats came just in time! They are adorable: janiebee quilted nap mats.

06 june 2011 154-1



Thanks to Ashley taking the kids, I was able to sleep all morning and afternoon on Friday… so we packed everything up and left our house at 8pm Friday night. I drove through the night, 12 straight hours while everyone was asleep! Craziness.

06 june 2011 157



We arrived in Des Moines, Iowa around 8am and just took it easy for the day. We hit up a local mall (in Urbandale) and took the kiddos to see the ever-anticipated Cars 2!

06 june 2011 16806 june 2011 170




The kids playing with their new Cars from the movie while at dinner.

06 june 2011 173



Sunday morning, we loaded up and headed toward MN! Btw- these wireless headphones are freaking amazing. Worth every penny. (Ethan left, Andrew right)

06 june 2011 160



We finally arrived at Cap’n Butch and Miss Juli’s awesome cabin on Gull Lake.

06 june 2011 220



Joe and his family spent many summers here- so it was surreal for him to watch his own kids enjoying every second of it.

06 june 2011 176



Picture perfect, right? I LOOOOVE this shot.

06 june 2011 234



Cap’n Butch and Miss Juli were amazing hosts! Especially taking in our rowdy foursome!!!

06 june 2011 213



They had converted their garage to a bar and upstairs living quarters where we stayed. It was incredible! Sav, riding a saddle here--- yeeee haw!

06 june 2011 180



The close town of Nisswa, MN is adorable! Such a cute little shopping town. Here we are, gathered around big Blue!

06 june 2011 184



The boys were of course, infatuated with the choo choo train.

06 june 2011 186



My very own little Punky Brewster

06 june 2011 187



3 for 1 special on the ole 25 cent rides… Winking smile

06 june 2011 188



Me and the hunny, on the only afternoon we were able to wear jackets…it was hot after that! COME ON MINNESOTA! I was soooo looking forward to some cooler weather!

06 june 2011 190



Beautiful giant creature that wanted to have lunch with us

06 june 2011 194



NERDS: Joe, Dan, Dids

06 june 2011 196



My little munchkins wanted to join in on the fun. Sav, nice beard.

06 june 2011 198



Benny Boo.

06 june 2011 199



Ahhh yes, Zorbaz…the MEXICAN and PIZZA joint. I was more than curious to try out this place! Ha.

06 june 2011 200



Awesome pizza! And I love that anywhere we go now, the kids sit at their own table (and yes, they actually behave!) Its SO nice.

06 june 2011 202



Kate, Juli, Dids, and Butch! Love these guys!!!

06 june 2011 203



More 25 cent games…the kids are addicted to them.

06 june 2011 207



And that’s it for the first couple of days! Next up, fun in the sun on the gorgeous Gull Lake! The quads’ first trip on a boat!

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Astraea said...

We were on Rush Lake at the end of June, beginning of July! We love the little donuts in Nisswa!

Amy said...

Looks like you guys a had great trip to MN I am from MN hehe :-D

Darron and Ashlie said...

NO WAY!!!! GULL LAKE!?!?!?!? Soooo freaking jealous! My GP used to have a lakehouse and that's where we spent our summmers. I haven't been in almost 14 years! I gotta get my kids up there, best family experiences....

Nichole said...

Looks like a blast! (Dont you just love the frontier car seats!!) :o)

Linsey p said...

Love all the pictures! Can you let me know where you or the sweet wall decal-the tree with the owl?

Anonymous said...

How do you tell Ethan and Drew apart? They're so close, even for identicals! Adorable :)

Jennifer said...

Well, small world... my husband's family is at Gull Lake this week. They do a big family (eight kids all come with their kids and grands) vacation for a week every summer. This Texas girl has never been though. =)

Rachel said...

Just want to say, your family is so beautiful!!!!
I've been following your blog for months now, but I think this is my first comment. Your list is in my top favourites :D Love it!

Sarah said...

So fun! We just got home from visiting our family in MN. Thanks for sharing your stories!

Liz said...

Ok, totally random question for you!

Some dear friends of ours from our church in Tyler were just at Gull Lake this past week! I'd never heard of the place til they went. He is the President of Christian Camping International & they were there for some of camp. Any chance y'all were at the same place? Or is it just a crazy coincidence that y'all were there at the same time?

Kris said...

First, aren't the wireless headphones the best invention EVER?
Second, I live south of Nisswa on Mille Lacs Lake. Nisswa is such a cute town with adorable shops and good food.

Kari said...

OMG you were in our stomping ground! We love Gull Lake and hit Cragun's on Labor Day as our annual family vacation. I see you also hit Zorbaz, another of our favorites. The macho nachos are a must have. Glad you enjoyed it.

Fellow BankersOnline groupie. :)

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Hi Suzi! Would lovvvve to know what brand of headphones are so awesome! We've been thru 2 pair that my son HATES, so I want to get it right the next time!! Thanks so much!!!

sl said...

Share more about the headphones. I am taking a long car trip this summer with kids. Thanks for sharing.

Rene' Harmon said...

Hi Suzi! Thanks for the business and the janiebee mention. The kids look comfy! Rene'

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