Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gull Lake, MN

We had a blast on Cap’n Butch’s boat! It was the quads’ first time on a boat and they loved every second of it!06 june 2011 297




…especially when they got to take turns “driving” the boat! Cap’n Sav, at your service…

06 june 2011 303-1



Sweet Drew. I didn’t even call his name, he just saw me taking a picture and smiled his warm little smile. Love him.

06 june 2011 290



The kids LOVED their hats from Miss Juli! They were too cute! (Dan, Dani, Ethan, Ben)

06 june 2011 295



Drew bud- Bad Boy of the North

06 june 2011 296



Wow. this hat couldn’t be more appropriate! tee hee hee.

06 june 2011 292



Getting a little crowded up there! Too many captains in the cockpit.

06 june 2011 305



We parked up on this little sandbar, right in the middle of the lake! SO BEAUTIFUL! (Drew, Ethan, Ben, Sav)

06 june 2011 30806 june 2011 31806 june 2011 31606 june 2011 31706 june 2011 313



Dids and Drew

06 june 2011 299



Joe and Ben (who are SOOOO much alike, let me just tell ya)

06 june 2011 301



Sav was “done” with the wind…yes, that is her behind the towel.

06 june 2011 322



Ahhhh, the good ‘ole foosball table!

06 june 2011 323



We had many a heated game at this table. Dani whipped up on everybody!

06 june 2011 332



…but the battles between Joe and Dani were hilarious. The dude just couldn’t hang with the gal! Loved it.

06 june 2011 335



Turtle races. Yes, you read that correctly. Did you know there was such an event? (me neither!)

06 june 2011 337



Our turtle racing buttons…

06 june 2011 338



the kiddie table

06 june 2011 339



and they’re off! (Drew and Ben)

06 june 2011 341



Dad and Sav

06 june 2011 342




06 june 2011 344



The kids lost interest after a while and ventured back over to the trains… (Andrew)

06 june 2011 345



Ethan and Andrew checking out the cool artifacts inside the train car.

06 june 2011 347



My little conductor- Drew.

06 june 2011 348



That afternoon we headed back out on the lake for some good times! Dani, Sav, Dan

06 june 2011 351



The hubs and me

06 june 2011 352



Look! A LOOOOOOOOOON! (Love the way they “call”…such a cool sound)

06 june 2011 361



The kiddos checking it out…

06 june 2011 366



We told the kids that everytime we cross under a bridge, you have to raise up your arms and yell. tee hee hee

06 june 2011 376



Someone’s getting tired!!!! (Ben)

06 june 2011 379



Me and Drew buddy

06 june 2011 380


Next up: Minneapolis, the Mall of America, and the Train water park!

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JAJ said...

I love Loons! My inlaws live in Maine 6 months out of the year and the Loons are always on the lake. And added touch, every time the phone rings in Maine it's the Loon calling sound, ha.

{K} said...

Wow, looks like such a fun time!!

Kelsey said...

Every time you mention Joe's Minnesota roots, I get so giddy! I know it's super silly, but I keep thinking, "Suz is a famous blogger, and her kids are racing turtles where *I* raced turtles as a kid!!!!" Glad you all had a great time on our beautiful lakes. :)

Wellers said...

Looks like a great time....we have a cabin in Cross Lake so were up for the 4th....missed the turtle races though, I had to work!

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson said...

So cute! What great pictures! That place is beautiful! ...and the kids are pretty cute, too!

Andrea said...

So glad it looks like you had a WONDERFUL time in our beautiful MN. Looks like you are doing all those things we really do here!

Come back any time Steeces!

Andrea (always in MN)

NLWilliams said...

I have been following you since you were halfway through pregnancy (I was halfway through pregnancy myself) and I kept following b/c I was in love with your family and b/c you had MN folks lived just off of Gull Lake and I live in MN still...We are down south nearer to Rochester in the little city of Austin (yes, MN has an Austin too!) And if you had extra time, you should really come check out our claim to fame, the SPAM museum!!! It's free and a great experience. Enjoy the great north :)

Anonymous said...

Sav in that towel cracked me up ! :D

Cassi said...

The last pic of you and Drew is a framer! Love it :)

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