Friday, July 15, 2011

Minneapolis, MN

We tearfully said goodbye to Cap’n Butch and Miss Juli at the lake, and headed on down to Minneapolis.  What a great college town! Joe, Dan, and Ed

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It was fun to see Kate and Paul in their element. They were right at home here in MN and enjoyed visiting old hangouts! So neat.

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Of course we had to visit the Mall of America!!! Blue was there to welcome us inside!

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We rode a couple of rides, but nothing too crazy…we wanted to get back to the hotel and hit up the indoor water park.

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Dude, how cool is this water park inside our hotel??!! We stayed at the Depot Renaissance in downtown Minneapolis. It was an old train station that had been converted to a hotel. Such COOL memorabilia everywhere.

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We had a blast! (Ben, Ethan, and Drew with Dad)

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They loved this and kept asking Joe to help them push up the water!

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Cool right?

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Check out this awesome video!

Untitled from suz steece on Vimeo.

Sav and I BATTLED this week. I don’t know why she was being exceptionally “difficult”, but it’s a good thing I brought my book along for moral support (although I didn’t crack it open once).

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This picture was taken after she was banned from sharing the bed with Ben and had to sleep on her napmat on the floor. Then she was banned from the kid room and had to come to our room on her napmat. Then her princess nightgown was taken away (don’t worry, it was ridiculously hot in our room). Then her napmat was taken away and she had to sleep on the bed with nothing. After crying in anger for about 3 minutes, she finally passed out. She’s a tough one, this girl. WEARS ME OUT.


Next up: the Twin’s game at Target Field! SO MUCH FUN!

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Katie said...

Glad you all had such a great time in Minneapolis - its such a fun town! I've lived here for a few years.. and I'm still exploring!

Allison said...

I recently started reading that same book! I know exactly where you are coming from!

Ann said...

Well, that's a good book to have if you're raising a strong willed child. I had a copy of the original book, and used to use it a lot when raising our strong willed first-born. I used to think that if I could just make myself get up 30 minutes earlier each morning and read a chapter out of that book, my attitude and coping skills would be better for the whole day. It didn't always happen.

But you know what -- he ended up being a really nice young man anyway! Pray! :)

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

I am raising her twin!!!!! Born 10/6/07!! Maybe she just came later than her twin sister?! ;)

Anonymous said...

The picture of Joe with Ben on his shoulders should be on the cover of a Mall of America brochure or something. Love it! Ben's expression is priceless!I wish I could tell you that girls get easier but mine is 10 and there's still so much drama. I can hardly wait until puberty..NOT!
Cathy in Frisco

Salsygirl said...

I loaded the book on my kindle. I have found that perhaps I don't really have a strong willed child, but am learning a few things to keep in mind. I enjoyed Bringing Up Girls. Check it out!!!! It was great to see you again. Let's plan a zoo trip soon!

Steph said...

I too have a very VERY strong willed 3 y/o girl. Her brothers are so easy compared to her. But Dr. James Dobson is a scary man and I highly disagree with pretty much everything he says (on pretty much every subject). May I instead recommend Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen. It's a developmentally based approach that emphasizes a firm but gentle approach. You don't have to hurt, humiliate or shun your child to make them behave. Children do well when they feel better.

VHMPrincess said...

with my little girl, I know if her behaviour gets RIDICULOUS, and I mean even worse than worst ever tantrum, she is over tired and literally about to fall on her face asleep - that makes it easier to tolerate (usually when they are that tired it is MY Fault for adding something strenuous and keeping them up) and also means, "HEY WOMAN, GET THAT CHILD TO SLEEP!". That's my cue that I need to get her horizontal ASAP

Barbara Manatee said...

oh wow! that water park in your hotel looks awesome. My boys would LOOOOOOOOVE that! They'd never want to leave!!

What a fun trip!

Liz said...

Oh girl! MY Savannah was exactly the same way when she was little. We joke that it's a miracle she can walk (after all the spankings she got). She's an IDEAL kid now---she's nearly 15. There is hope! Stick to your guns. :)

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Christine said...

My favorite book for behavior is Love and Logic. It is all about giving choices and natural consequences. It was highly recommended to me when I was having trouble with one of my girl charges. I need to read it again now that I'm starting to have trouble with another girl charge who is three.

Stephanie said...

I love reading your blog! Just wanted to comment that at a MOPS meeting this past year, a speaker there for the topic of strong willed kids said, "Strong willed kids grow up to make the very best adults." (she had an exceptionally tough one who is all grown up now.) :) There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Brandi and Chad Croom said...

I can't find where to ask questions in general, but I was wondering if you'd consider doing a post on how you and the other quad parents plan your getaways for big groups, such as the quad mom weekends, or the family quad gatherings when it's not going to stay at someone's houses. My friends and I'd love to plan girls getaways and I'm not sure where to start (from picking a location, to splitting up cost (who puts deposits down), meal planning, planning what to do, etc. Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask that question, but I'd love your advice!!

Anonymous said...

De-lurking to tell you we LOVE the Depot! My husband asked me to marry him in the skating rink :) Happy times. Plus that water park is awesome! It's been fun to watch your MN adventures, since that's where we live.

Also, I second the Love and Logic book. My son is an intense little handful and I've seen a big difference since we started using L&L techniques. Best of luck with the strong-willed one. My parents had The Strong-Willed Child for my older sister, and she is now just about the coolest adult out there!

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