Sunday, July 17, 2011

GO TWINS! (The team, not our kids)

How cute are these twinkies? Drew and Ethan. Thanks for the adorable jerseys Grampy & Grammy!

06 june 2011 431

06 june 2011 440


Ethan, Sav, Andrew, and Ben outside of Target field

06 june 2011 434



Joe and his boys in front of one of his all time favorite players, Kirby Puckett. (Drew, Ben, Ethan)

06 june 2011 436



Oh, the excitement!!! (Ben, Drew, E)

06 june 2011 438



We met up with Joe’s extended family!! Aunt Beth, Sav, Kate, and Dids. (Nice shirt, Paul! Who picked that out?!)

06 june 2011 441



Gosh- such a cutie! Drew (I do believe Sav is picking her nose in the background…nice, Sav)

06 june 2011 443



Chatting with Sally and Pat!

06 june 2011 447



Uh-oh…storm clouds a comin’ and we haven’t even started the game yet! (a 7pm start, mind you…)

06 june 2011 449



Ed and Jess flew in to be with all of us for the weekend!!! Love them!

06 june 2011 451



Yep, storming! Everyone hit the concessions…but we had a blast! Dan and E, Joe and Ben, Drew and me.

06 june 2011 452



Savi and Grampy

06 june 2011 455



Love this crazy pic of Ethan and Dani! So much excitement!

06 june 2011 461



So we had to take one too! Mama and Drew

06 june 2011 462



Uncle Brad and Drew goofin’ around!

06 june 2011 464



Hmmm…Jess and Ethan? (going to take a stab at it…I always get them right- but sometimes in pictures it is difficult if I wait a couple of days before labeling)

06 june 2011 465



Sav was an absolute mess! Aunt Beth LOVED treating her to cotton candy…Sav was beyond the moon excited (and actually shared with her brothers).

06 june 2011 466



Grampy and Uncle Ed waiting out the rain

06 june 2011 467



The kids did exceptionally well…considering that the game was delayed 2 hours!!! Here Joe is telling them to “huddle up”…he does this quite often. The kids get a kick out of it when they “break” and run in different directions.

06 june 2011 472



Love my boys! Ethan, Ben, Drew

06 june 2011 474



Aunt Beth feeding the ducks popcorn! She was laughing so hard watching them flock her. I was cracking up.

06 june 2011 478



Crazy Dan! LOL. When it quit storming, look how beautiful the sky was---and this was like 9pm!

06 june 2011 480



The Steece boys: Dan, Joe, Dids, Ed…it was so fun to all be together! We had such an awesome time.

06 june 2011 481



Aunt Dani and the queen bee.

06 june 2011 484



Cousin PEEEEEETE! Jess, and Ed

06 june 2011 485



Joe and his boys…love Drew’s “blue steel”. Nice.

06 june 2011 486



Grammy, Ben, Joe, E, Me, Drew

06 june 2011 487



Sweet Savi and Uncle Dan…(see? she has her moments)

06 june 2011 490


Okay, okay---I’m giving Savannah a hard time…but these pictures are just reminding me of what a pistol she was on this trip! LOL.


Can’t get enough of these smiles! Ethan

06 june 2011 493



Ben, Daddy, Mama, Ethan

06 june 2011 494



Ebud wanted me to take a picture of his favorite car in the whole world- Wingo. Kid cracks me up.

06 june 2011 497


We had such a blast! (If you couldn’t tell from the billions of pictures at the game! and I even weeded them out!) The kids actually lasted several innings before we packed them up and headed back to the hotel at 11pm! Thank you SOOOOOO much, Paul and Kate, for making this trip possible!!! Especially the Twins game. We enjoyed every second of it!~ Storm and all!!!


Next up: Family Reunion, Steece-style: Rochester

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Mercedes said...

You always seem to have the best trips!

Hannah said...

looks like an awesome time! but how could you not at target field!? haha. you'll be glad you aren't here today...we're the most humid city in the WORLD right now!! even more humid than rain forests!! yes, i'm talking about minneapolis!! crazy. can't imagine living down south like you guys, and having it be almost this bad every day!! enjoy the rest of your summer. :)

Anonymous said...

This is totally random and has nothing to do with beautiful family, but I noticed on your blog that you recently returned to nursing. And as a nursing student myself was wondering where you went to school? Where you currently work? And all that good stuff....


Jara said...

I love the pic of the boys in their jerseys from behind! They are such cute brothers - I can only imagine the fun in store for them when they are teenagers playing for the same baseball team at school - and little Savannah as their #1 fan!!! Tooo cute!

Becky said...

So here's what stood out to me from this post...A STORM!!!! You mean, as in RAIN...from the SKY???!!!!!! Now that's something to bring home a picture of, thanks for reminding us that it's still a possibility! :)

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Love it. Love the pix!

Barbara Manatee said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Love the "Huddle" and the pic of the car in front of the field. ha!! Too cute!

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