Monday, July 18, 2011

A Steece-style Family Reunion: Rochester, MN

A quick lunch before festivities begin… Joe, Paul, and Brad (Brad is Kate’s brother).

06 june 2011 503



Dani, Dan, Kate, and Pete

06 june 2011 504



Beth, Jess, and Ed

06 june 2011 505



John, Meg, Ryan, and me

06 june 2011 506



The kiddie table. I swear my children lived on popcorn for over a week. Every place you go to serves free popcorn! It blew my mind. The quads were in heaven.

06 june 2011 502



Later that evening, all the family met at Brad and Beth’s house. Beth and Meg were amazing in planning such a huge event! It was perfect and I can’t thank you guys enough for all that you did!

I’m bummed that I did not take more pictures---as I was constantly counting 4 children over and over and over. But here are a few.

The crew making smores at the bonfire.

06 june 2011 510




06 june 2011 509



Ethan and Andrew locked themselves in the dog cage…

06 june 2011 513




…so we went with it. Here is Aunt Beth walking the “dogs”. (I swear they pretend play puppies all day long! Its hilarious)

06 june 2011 515



The next day was Sunday, July 3rd and we all met up at a beeeeautiful park.

06 june 2011 54406 june 2011 54506 june 2011 546



Here is Savi with sweet Aunt Rosie. We love her so much!

06 june 2011 524



The Steece fellas: Dan, Dids, Joe, Ed

06 june 2011 525



The boys with Aunt Rosie…if this woman can’t put a smile on your face, then I don’t know what will!

06 june 2011 527



I just love this cute little dress! I had bought it days before our suburban was stolen, and it was still in the back of the car. Sad smile SO, naturally, I just HAD to go buy another one at the Cracker Barrel!

06 june 2011 528



Joe, Meg, and me

06 june 2011 530



All of the 1st cousins: Mike, Dan, Ed, Tim, Pat, Meg, Joe, Ryan, Pete, John

06 june 2011 531



As you can see, there is a long line of males in this family. Meg, Savannah can relate!  (Oh, and Mike & Tim are twins, btw! We’ve got them on both sides)

06 june 2011 532



Sav with some of her girl cousins! She absolutely LOVED playing with the other girls.

06 june 2011 534



Sweet Aunt Rosie with her great nephews and niece. (Sav, Ethan, Drew, Ben)

06 june 2011 53806 june 2011 539



Me and my bros (Dan, Ed, Suz)

06 june 2011 541



Me and my hunny

06 june 2011 542



Ethan, Andrew, Jess, and Beth (I had to forcibly remove the twins from the desert table---no wonder Ethan puked the next morning!)

06 june 2011 543



More popcorn! Drew and Ethan were infatuated with the popper.

06 june 2011 554



Ahhh, the good ‘ole Keefe legs!

06 june 2011 548



Savi requested a picture with her Daddy.

06 june 2011 555



A good ‘ole family game of flip cup! These Steeces sure know how to party!

06 june 2011 559



I turned around to find this… (someone is getting sleeeeepy!)

06 june 2011 560



Ah, the tweedles… They spent the entire afternoon with their backpacks on, chasing each other around the park, and throwing sand on each other by the volleyball pit. CRAZY KIDS! But- aren’t they SO cute?!! (E- left, Drew- right)

06 june 2011 568


I get asked all the time- “How can you tell the identicals apart?”

and I really don’t know what to tell ya. I have always been able to---it really is a “Mommy thing”, I guess. I am THE ONLY ONE who can tell them apart. Not even Joe gets it right---he is usually only about 75% accurate… I dress Drew in blue and Ethan in green so other people can tell them apart (including Dad!). It is uncanny how much they look exact alike- and more so the older they get. Little crazy miracles boys. I am amazed at identical twins…always have been. (with my mom and her twin sis). It truly is incredible.


Back to the family reunion. We had SUUUUUCH an awesome time! It was so neat to see my kids playing with tons of cousins that they didn’t even know existed! I wish we lived closer and could get together more often. I knew I was blessed when I married in to the Steece family….and this trip just made me realize it even more.



No wonder Joe turned out to be such an incredible man…he has been surrounded by a strong and loving family his entire life. It was such a blessing to spend time with you Tracys and Keefes (and every other clan I am leaving out)! Thank you SOOOO MUCH Beth and Meg, for all of your super hard work to pull off such an awesome weekend. It was perfect.


And Grammy and Grampy, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this trip possible. It was, without a doubt, a trip of a lifetime and we wouldn’t have changed anything about it!

Love you so much.

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Julia said...

I have never been real interested in family reunions, but these pictures make me think that maybe it is time!!

Barbara Manatee said...

wow! so cool. I don't come from a very big family on either side. Both of my parents only had 1 sibling each and we've never had any kind of big family reunion. I'd even be happy with a little one!

Looks like a great time! (Love Sav's dress, too! I'd have gone and bought another one, too!)

Kaia said...

Those pictures of E and A on the bench are so cute! And thanks for that paragraph about telling them apart.. I try my hardest from pictures and have to give up every time! So now I don't feel so bad! ;)

Kaci said...

Looks like a great time!!

Liz said...

Ok, maybe I've just gotten lucky, but I can usually tell the twins apart. I know....crazy psycho blog reader....but I usually can.

Kat said...

looks like an amazing trip! LOL @ the doggie stuff - I've always said I'll crate my kids...I'm just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suz,
I have been reading your blog for a long time now but never commented before. I just wanted to encourage you and say that I love your positivity and 'real-ness' and really enjoy the time I spend reading here. Keep on! Shosh :)

jag said...

Loved the shot of the twins planking on the picnic table!

Mercedes said...

Your children a perfectly adorable even when it appears they are being ornery. You have you hands full in the good fun kind of way!

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