Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Me & the Hubs at the Aggie Game

Joe and I are SO incredibly lucky to have amazing friends who scored 4 free tickets to the Texas A&M game last Saturday and invited us!!! (Thank you Adam, Katie, and Stu!!!)


Granna and Papa were more than gracious to watch the kiddos, so that Joe and I could spend the day playing in Aggieland! You guys ROCK!


A couple of early morning game day pictures with me and my BFF.

09 september 2011 086



Ummm…yah, we don’t get out much. (and yes, it is still cool to rock the “prom pose”)

09 september 2011 087



BYE-BYE KIDDOS!!!! We are OUTTA HERE!!! Weeeee!

09 september 2011 122



Joe and I miss our season tickets terribly!!! Every Saturday morning during the fall used to start out with a nice little trip to Starbucks---then we would eagerly hit the road for the Aggie game. Sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte and nibbling on my Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin in the Tahoe…listening to tunes…enjoying the beautiful scenery…

09 september 2011 088




So fun to meet up with good friends! Joe, Wes, Sheeds, Rocket---chillin’ on Northgate before the walk over to Kyle Field.

09 september 2011 089




Awesome seats!!!

09 september 2011 124



…but good gawsh, it was BLOODY HOT at 2pm!!! I was sweating like I do in Spin Class---that is just NOT right.

09 september 2011 091



How did the game go?…




Here is a picture I secretly snapped of Joe on the drive home…

09 september 2011 125




deep in thought…broken hearted…

(Sorry, babe! I love you! tee hee)


I don’t know if I’ll ever figure out or “get” why my main squeeze gets SOOOOOO worked up over sports…right, ladies? Anyone in the same boat?


But he sure is cute and I can’t help but love that passionate, little nerd.

Winking smile

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Heather said...

Go Pokes! :)
sorry i couldnt resist! Lol. The Aggies played a good game though.

sassyNtubeless said...

You have such an adorable family, I was wondering if I could email you and ask you about Savi's feet braces? I am currently pregnant and through u/s the doctor sees that our child has club feet.. so I wanted to know how it was for Savi to have turned feet?

Kat said...

I love it that you guys get away for some time as a couple even with the business that is your life with quads. and no, I don't get why you would take a loss like that personally. But I love the idea ;)

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

If I speak to Tim after one of his teams loses he acts like it is a personal attack on him. I don't get it. If the team does poorly on TV, I have to leave the room b/c he gets so tense. LOL I will never understand. Also, I thought I was the only one who said "crickets." :)

Jen Fitz said...

Hi! Scrollin through your pics and I see someone I know! Rocket to you, Kyle to me works with my husband! Weird!!

King Quads said...

cute post!! love you and you're both nerds!

Jenn Jones said...

what do you think about your team joining the SEC?

Michelle said...

Right there with you on not understanding being SOOO worked up over a football game! My husband is a very passionate person and sometimes when it comes to football I have to remind him to get a little perspective! :)

Sonya said...

I have a VERY passionate sports fan in my home. Baseball season was actually really quiet this year since the Cubs didn't have a prayer.

Kasey (Ethan's Mommy) said...

My husband loses sleep (literally tosses and turns all night long!!) when on of his teams loses a game. When the Red Sox didn't make it to the playoffs the other day he was so tense and moped around like his best friend died. I will NEVER understand it, so I am totally with you on that one!!

amy said...

i meant to comment a LONG time ago on this post but time just slipped away from me :) i have read your blog for forever so it was funny when i saw you at the game sitting a few rows in front of me! the people we sit with are in your pic of you and joe. i was going to (try not to look like a stalker :)) come and say hi but we chose that game to take our 2 year old to (thank goodness we left the 9 month old at home!) so i spent the entire time chasing him up and down the stairs. he fell asleep for the entire second half so i never got a chance to say hi!! my hubs was also quiet the entire ride home...what do you do?!?!

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