Friday, November 18, 2011

Who Knew A Mustache Could Be So Fun?

If you are having a bad day- I suggest that you view this particular blog post over and over again until you have laughed off all of your worries.

As my 3 amigos came home from their Halloween festivities and began to undress, I couldn’t help but laugh.

10 october 2011 428




Three little 4 year old dudes, running around in their “skivvies” with intensely awkward and completely unnatural looking mustaches painted on their porcelain, baby doll faces.


Of course, Dad had to join in on the fun as well. Creeeeepy ‘ole Dad.



My name is Inigo Montoya.

You killed my father.

Prepare to die.”

10 october 2011 317

(The Princess Bride, anyone?)



All sorts of wrong, but I just can’t help but laugh…

10 october 2011 30710 october 2011 308




I’m totally diggin’ Benny’s full, thick stache and those beautiful brown eyes.

10 october 2011 309




My little spanish princess and her best silly pose. Is she sassy or what?! LOVE it!

10 october 2011 310




Yep Drew… he’s your Dad. No one in the world like him. You’re welcome, buddy.

10 october 2011 323




And my favorite!

Ethan, the wild-eyed and crazy truck driver with a random French mime popping in the photo.

10 october 2011 324



Happy Friday Fun Day, blogger peeps!


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Mrs. Southern said...

These pictures are too funny! Adorable kids!

Shannon said...

this is hilarious. I was laughing out loud at your commentary with each photo. each dead on. Love it!!!

Brittney said...

hahaha too funny!

Pam said...

LOLOLO....yes those do make me laugh! Such good memories! Thank you for sharing! Your friend in East Texas, Pam.

asplashofsunshine said...

PLEASE, scrapbook these pictures! They will certainly get laughs every time someone lays eyes on 'em. Super duper cute, and fun too!

Kimberley said...

thanks for the laughs!!! hilarious!!!!

Kriss said...

Those pictures are priceless!!!! I was brushing my teeth while reading this post. I laughed at the last one and choked on my toothpaste. Lol toooooo cute!

Aiketa said...

hahahah you were right! This post is so much fun!!! And I really like the last picture too, I love Ethan face expression.

Stacy said...

These had me cracking up, hilarious!!!

The Rodriguez Crew said...

Your comments are the best! And your hubby makes me laugh so hard!!

Flmgodog said...


Ali said...

Too funny! Suz, have you seen the movie "Flushed Away"? Totally hysterical, but that last picture of Joe reminds me of one of the frogs in it - yes, a French mime frog!

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