Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas with the Hoags 12/22/11

This was a LOOOONG day for Sav, Mom, and Dad---we spent all day at Cook Children’s Hospital for her 10th round of kidney testing. It was, in a word….AWFUL.

(Sav’s best “mean” face~ after her IV and catheter)

12 december 2011 440



By now, we are passed the point of traumatizing…bless her heart and those sweet, swollen, bloodshot eyes. (I lost it several times)

12 december 2011 441



We tried to keep her distracted with games on the iphone…

12 december 2011 442



Poor baby girl has had enough…Thank GOD for Daddy taking a day off work to come with us. These days are SO emotionally and physically draining for all of us.

12 december 2011 443



The only thing that made Sav light up, was the thought of opening presents that night with family!


The grandkids: Ben, Carter, Sav, Sawyer, Andrew, Ethan




The whole fam!




Joe tackling the kids---trying to expend some of their ridiculous amount of “Christmas energy”!

12 december 2011 328



I set up their presents and made them run for it on the count of 3! Hilarious. SOOOOO much excitement!

12 december 2011 385



Ripping in! This year was truly magical…

12 december 2011 388



Benny and some of his loot.

12 december 2011 351



Andrew and Ethan with their new trains and track.

12 december 2011 365



Sweet Savi and her Snow White from Aunt Ashley

12 december 2011 352



Of course she had to put on the new Snow White nightgown as well.

12 december 2011 355

God love this precious girl child and all that she endured this day. You would have never known.



The party continued the next evening (12/23) for my Daddy’s birthday!

12 december 2011 375



How precious is this baby boy??!?! Ashley and baby Sawyer

12 december 2011 376-1



Bro and Dad

12 december 2011 377



Dad and his favorite child. Winking smile

12 december 2011 378



Sweet, beautiful Granna

12 december 2011 371



Happy Birthday, Papa! We love you SOOOOO much!

12 december 2011 382

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Penny said...

Poor little Savannah! :(
Your nephews are too cute~ I think Carter looks like his momma and Sawyer looks like your brother! :) Happy New Year!

Lori T said...

So so sorry for you all. We've gone through VCUGs/ultrasounds and other tests for Kidney reflux, too. They are zero fun. Made me cry to read your post. I'll keep Savannah's healing in our prayers. On another note, your dad and I have the same birthday! Anyway, Merry Christmas.

Liz said...

Was Savannah's test a VCUG? My Savannah had to have it done once & now, 13 years later, it STILL traumatizes me to even think about it. Seriously, those are the worst!

It's a Crazy Life said...

So sorry for Savannah and Mama! =( Bless her heart!

Kat said...

Poor Sav :( I can't even imagine doing that...I cry almost every time that my little Peanut cries. Looks like you guys had an amazing xmas and celebrations! Happy Holidays!

Barbara Manatee said...

Oh my heart breaks for Sav (and you!) but what an amazing lil girl to bounce back from that and look so happy later that evening! Love the pic of the kids all racing to their gifts. Too funny!

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