Thursday, February 09, 2012

A BFF Weekend

So, my best friend & fellow quad mom, Gen McNulty, flew in from California to come help out and be with me during Sav’s surgery. God love her. And my BFF, Mari Goerlich, another fellow quad mom, drove in from Houston to hang with us for the weekend as well! (Yes, I have LOTS of BFF’s…lots of love to spread around!)


Of course we had to meet up with yet another BFF, none other than quad mom: Casey Gerwer! (There are 16 of us, folks…quadmoms stick together)

Mari, Gen, Case, Suz

02 february 2012 023-1



A little bit of sunshine in my life… Mari & Gen

02 february 2012 021-1



Don’t think I could love this girl any more than I already do. My Case!

02 february 2012 022-1



Some UH-MAY-ZING sushi!!! Where was that place, Case?? We must go again there SOON! I’m pretty sure I could eat my weight in sushi---yet, I’m always hungry like an hour later? Anyone else? Go figure.

Mari, Gen, Suz, Casey

02 february 2012 024-1



My darling, sweet, amazing, selfless husband (are you gagging yet?) took the kids to visit Grammy and Grampy for the weekend so we could have the house all to ourselves (Yaaaaaay!!!!!!) ! I think they enjoyed themselves….you?

Ethan, Ben, Sav, Grampy, Drew- in an “old-fashioned Grampy traffic jam” (per Joe’s text message on Saturday) LOVE it.

02 february 2012 071



We had a little “girls’ day” on Saturday and did some shopping at my fav stores! Francesca’s collections, anybody??? (My shirt) LOVE. It’s Ladeeeez Night! Woot Woot!

02 february 2012 072-1

(Gen and Mari make fun of me because I always take pictures when I’m dressed up and text them to Joe when we are apart…just keepin’ the spark alive, y’all!)

Winking smile


I did Mari’s hair---isn’t she beautiful! 02 february 2012 073

I swear if I didn’t LOVE being a RN so much, I would totally be in cosmetology. I LOVE cutting hair, styling hair, and doing mani/pedi’s! Save some money and come on over~ I’ve perfected the french mani! In return, you can watch my kids for an hour or two? Deal?

Winking smile



In the car, headed to a nice dinner in D-town!

Gen, Mare, Suz

02 february 2012 074-1



They are going to KILL me for this! tee hee hee. But we just have so much fun when we are together. I cannot explain it. Such a unspoken, extremely comfortable, undeniable bond that we share. NERDS! And our husbands love each other just as much! No lie.

Gen, Mari, Suz

02 february 2012 076



Din Din at one of my fav places! The Porch in Dallas. LOVE…and so did my guests! SUCH INCREDIBLE FOOD! What all did we have?? Umm.. Fried Green Tomatoes & Fresh Mozzerella, Truffled Mac-n-cheese with Smoked Ham, Brisket Sliders, French Fries, and Gooey Brownie Desert. We just kept ordering and nibbling off the plate. AWESOME. Best. Day. Ever. Love these girls.

02 february 2012 080-1


Writing this post, just made me miss my girlies so much. It is amazing to see how God strategically placed us in each others lives at just the perfect moment. They are more like sisters than friends. I mean…seriously?!! We all have quadruplets around the same age, have been married for the same amount of years, and are super cool chicks/moms with super cool husbands/dads. (hahaha…you get the picture)




Thanks for loving me, ladies…one of the best weekends ever. And Joe, I love you. Thank you so much for all that you do and for loving these girls as much as I do.


You. Are. Family.

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Erin T. said...

It looks like you had a really good time with your girlfriends. Such a change from the lunches and outings shown on Texas Multi Mamas, huh?

Elizabeth said...

Deal!!! Ha, glad you had fun! Love you ladies!

debi9kids said...

LOVE this post. You just sound so bubbly, and happy and just oozing with love for those ladies.
It's lovely.
You are all so beautiful (inside and out). Glad you got to spend good quality time together.

Oh, and the.picture on the slide... Perfection!

Amber Gray said...

LOVE your outfit!

Carissa said...

I don't think I've ever commented, but I love your blog, your story, etc. I'm a fellow Aggie! Whoop! I always hope that we will run into you guys at a football game since my hubby & I have season tickets, but so far, no such luck. Ha!

Anyway, I totally wish we lived closer because I would definitely take you up on your mani/pedi offer in exchange for a hour or two of babysitting. I'm was a kinder teacher (still am at heart), so 4 is nothing compared to the 20+ I'm used to :) (that's not to say having 4 full time isn't hard though, because I can't even imagine what that's like, but for an hour or two, I think I could totally handle that) And your kiddos are ADORABLE!

Katie said...

Oh, please share where that sushi place was - I can never find sushi places that have booths!! :)

Barbara Manatee said...

So amazing that you ladies all have each other! So jealous of an entire girls weekend! What an amazing hubby you have, too! You deserved every second of this weekend!!

Maggie said...

I think its so important to go out with your girlfriends when you have kids! It looks like you girls had a blast!!! I am having my girls weekend soon! Love it!

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jag said...

Love the goofy pic and that tunic!

Stephanie said... girls are amazing!! I love hearing about your great weekends together! rock! I know she gives you props, but you are pretty awesome!! ;)
So glad y'all were able to have a fun weekend following Savs surgery!

Liz said...

Know what made me giggle the most?

In your "keeping the spark alive" picture for your sweetie, there is a dog walking by, a cooler in the background & laundry hanging over the stair rail. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE that! I love keeping the spark alive while keepin' it real!!

Anonymous said...

I want to be like you when I grow up!! SERIOUSLY. Looks like a fun weekend. I get upset when I log on and you havent posted anything (but thats very rare). :-)

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