Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Savi’s Kidney Surgery Day 2012

So…after Ben’s exciting little night/morning~ we headed out to Cook Children’s Hospital for yet another surgery. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me, when my BFF & fellow quad mom, Gen McNulty, surprised me with her airline tickets to Texas for the week/weekend!!!


BEST. FRIEND. EVERRRRR! My kids just LOVE their Auntie Gen!

02 february 2012 049_thumb[1]

(And a HUGE thanks to her husband, Conor, and all the friends & family who watched the McNulty quads~ YOU made this all possible! Meant the world to me. LOVE you. THANK you.)


My sweet baby girl. Such a brave little thang. I was SOOO proud of her. (What else is new?!) It definitely helped having Gen, Joe, Papa & Granna there to distract her. (last time it was TV cameras! lol)

02 february 2012 050_thumb[1]


Thank you Aunt Ashley, Peggy & Larry for watching the boys. You guys rock and we truly appreciate you.


When we arrived to the hospital, we were bumped up to the first surgery of the day~ so things kinda went pretty fast and furious (which is a good thing). We didn’t have to wait around much.


The part that always makes me nervous~ is when they take Sav away from me, off to surgery. Will she freak out and start screaming for her Mama to save her??? Or will she be calm?


Preop was amazing because Sav was completely relaxed from the “giggle juice”. No tears!!! (from Sav OR Mama! tee hee) Thank you God for another great surgery send-off!


Genny and me, in the waiting room.

02 february 2012 054_thumb


Thank you Rodney & Tempe for coming up to sit with us while we wait! Love you.


So, before Sav went off to surgery, I made sure and told Dr. Pinto to remember her first pyeloplasty on the Right side back in 2009~ she had something very uncommon causing the obstruction to her ureter. It is called a crossing vessel~ where her renal artery was anatomically (and incorrectly) positioned on TOP of her ureter (instead of behind the ureter, like it should be). Dr. Pinto had never seen this in a child before Sav.


BTW~Joe was nudging me like, “Dude, Suz- umm…he’s a world renown SURGEON…I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s doing…”


Which is true… but it has bothered me since I left his doctors office last month. I forgot to remind him of her renal artery. Perhaps it could be the same situation on this LEFT side as well. ARTERIES are serious stuff. One little snip and she could bleed out!


I told Pinto: “Don’t go cuttin’ crazy, doc!” lol. (I’m pretty sure Joe wanted to crawl inside a hole from embarrassment! tee hee)


Wellllllll…guess what? Ahem…Mama was right. It WAS, in fact, another crossing vessel. Sav’s renal artery was obstructing her left ureter, thankyouverymuch.

Winking smile


Poor baby girl was NOT happy in recovery.

02 february 2012 057_thumb[1]



SAV! Put the popsicle down!!! (She threw up several times, sweet honey)

02 february 2012 056_thumb[1]


Sav got lots of lovin’ & goodies from friends & fam who came by to visit! Thank you SO much: Lacey, Rob, Brooks, Annabel, Liz, Kinley, Maddie, Teryn, Taylor, Ashley, Collin, & Sawyer! Savannah is so loved. What a blessing you are to us.


Miss Priss finally resting, but never letting go of those balloons. Girlfriend & her kung-fu grip cracks me up.

02 february 2012 059_thumb



Papa & Granna loving on the princess-sah

02 february 2012 019_thumb



Auntie Liz, Kinley and Maddie~ putting a smile on Savi’s face.

02 february 2012 020_thumb



After an afternoon of nausea and vomiting, homegirl finally got her appetite back for dinner! (Umm..yah, I’d say so!)

02 february 2012 060_thumb




I sent Gen home to be with the boys for the night- and to keep them home from school the following day. What an incredible friend! I heard they had MANY “adventures” outside. Auntie Gen is SO fun!

02 february 2012 06202 february 2012 063



Sav and I were actually able to get a couple hours of sleep in the hospital. But she was wide awake and ready to start her day at 4am in the morning! (cringe)


Not so happy a couple of hours later, eh?… Sav was ready to go home! (me too, muffin!) Oh, if looks could kill…

02 february 2012 061_thumb[2]




We finally got our “walkin’ orders” around 6pm and we headed home. Sav was SUPER excited to find her new Barbie convertible waiting for her!

02 february 2012 067_thumb[2]




Thank you, Marvin! Sav (and her bros) LOOOOOVE the new ride!

02 february 2012 068_thumb[3]



Bandage change on the first night home. It was pretty massive, eh? Poor thang.

02 february 2012 069_thumb[2]




This is what Sav’s scar looks like. (There is somewhat of a hole on the posterior side from the Penrose drain). Now, it will match her RIGHT side! (Not to mention, she has another, even bigger scar, on her lower pubis—like a c/section cut from her reimplantation surgeries). Her battle wounds! Such a fighter!

02 february 2012 081_thumb


She was actually very proud of her incision and would show every new person who walked in. LOVE that she is proud of what she went through. Little girl is amazing, y’all. I just cannot even begin to explain it. And GOD IS GOOD! So good.


Thank you SO much for all of the prayers and well wishes. Seriously. Sav found comfort in knowing that so many people from across the world were praying for her. She would ask about it all the time.


Savannah’s prayer the night before her surgery (and I quote):

“Dear God, I love all the people praying for me all across the world.”

I had tears in my eyes.

God bless you guys.

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Tracey's Life said...

I so hope and pray your little princess is done with surgeries. Glad she is on the mend.

Anonymous said...

Savi, Papa and Granna love you so much. We are so proud of you and hope this is your last surgery! You were such a big girl this time and we are so glad you have healed up so quickly. Praise God!
Papa and Granna

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Aw. We love you guys too!

Tamara said...

Your little gal is so gosh-darn cute! What a brave little fighter! That is awesome that she is proud of her battle scars...they are WHO she is! :)

I have never commented before but I watched Texas Multi Mamas...loved you and your always had a great, positive attitude. So glad to have found your blog!

Take care!

Michelle said...

What a little trooper! She is beyond adorable and I am so glad to see her surgery went well.
Good for you too for reminding the Dr. about her previous situation. World renowned surgeon or not...everyone needs a reminder now and again!
Hope Sav is all healed up!
Still sending prayers!

Michael and Hannah said...

SO glad to hear it went so well!! And what a great surprise from Gen. Sav's prayer is the sweetest thing ever.

The Manning Family said...

God Bless you Suz, your family, and that sweet, precious baby girl. What a strong little fighter you have! You tell Sav that I think she is bravest person I know. I cannot imagine what all y'all have been through with her surgeries, but you are right, God is so Good. I admire your strength and how positive you are. Reading your blogs help strengthen me. Thank you for being a blessing in my life.

Keep us posted on how she's doing....I know you will!

Alissa said...

Awww, your last comment made me tear up too. Beautiful little girl, your Savannah! So glad that her surgery went off without a hitch (good for you for following your mama instincts and reminding the dr. of her previous surgery!).
All the best,

Moni Graf said...

Wanna know what I thought of after reading about how proud Savi was of her "battle wounds"?!?! proud YOU and all us mamas are of OUR battle scars! Those little stinkers are sooooooooooooooooo worth the tiger-mauled bellies! Love that little fighter so much.

Give the Gen-erator, Joe and all the chitlins a big, fat hug and kiss from me!

Love ya,

MEGAN said...

I'm so glad the whole family had a fun slew of supporters!

The Drama Mama said...

Sweeeet girl! A couple of those pictures just broke my heart...she IS one touch little princess! I'm glad you had so many people supporting you! Much love, and prayers for no more surgeries! ;)

Gloria said...

I love you too Savannah. I was praying for you and I still am!!!

I found your mom's blog a while ago and I love reading about your adventures!!

P.S. I have some scars too from accidents and 1 surgery and, I have to admit, I'm proud of them!!! I cut my head this winter on the ice and my mom said there might not be a scar and I actually said, "But I WANT there to be a scar!!!!"

Liz said...

i have tears in my eyes just reading this. what an amazingly strong little girl you have. god love her to bits!! you are such a precious momma. so thankful your sweet one is okay.

you don't know me from adam but i've been following your bits for a long time. they were a few months old when i started following and i've loved watching them! i don't know that i've commented before but my blog has been private but now it's not. if i did comment, you wouldn't have been able to see my little ones.

lots of love from central oklahoma! so glad your savi-sav is on the mend!!

Krys said...

I'm so glad she's doing well--I can only imagine what it's like as her mama, but she seems like such a feisty, wonderful little girl. I pray she stays healthy and poor kiddo gets a break finally!

Oh and when it comes to our babies, it's better to be safe than sorry. You did the right thing in bringing that up to the doctor. Good Mama Bear instincts :)

Pam said...

Such a brave little girl! And such strong and wonderful parents and family she has been blessed with. I have been thinking of you and keeping you all in my prayers. Your friend in East Texas, Pam.

Karen said...

Such a sweet family. Glad she is doing so well. I miss watching all of ya'll on tv.

Tupelo, MS

Anonymous said...

Tears!!She is such a sweetie, fighter and girly girl. I love her to death (and dont even know her!)

Anonymous said...

Love Savannah's prayer, too cute!

Emily Elizabeth said...

So glad things went well. You are awesome Sav!!!! (You too Suz!)

Texas Tales said...

I am SO GLAD her surgery went well - a mother's intuition never fails! You are an amazing mom to be so strong for her and I know you and Joe are doing everything you can to keep those kiddos well. Her incredible smile beaming from that hospital bed melts my heart. Prayers for a good recovery!

Bella said...

Feel better Sav! You know you can rub Vitamin E oil into her scar (once it heals) and it will fade the scar! It works!

Penny said...

Such a precious baby girl! Sweet prayer, Savannah! Prayers of the innocents. :)

Dee said...

Awww you can't help but feel for the little one.

I couldn't imagine what she and you guys have had to go through! That's QUITE the scar she'll have! Thank you for sharing that, I didn't realize it would be that big.

Let Sav know that my little girl said "oh no, she's crying mommy" and she leaned in and gave sav's pic a kiss and said "all better".

If ONLY it was that easy eh?!

cat said...

So glad all went well.

cat said...

So glad all went well.

JDinAL said...

Okay, now I have tears in my eyes hearing Sav's prayer....and she is SO right!!! Get well soon precious girl!!

The Buckley Family said...

So glad all went well! And I always say trust Mommy's gut, you knew exactly what was wrong! : ) I have also had to mention things to the docs before and it's paid off for us too, you just never know...


Barbara Manatee said...

She is amazingly resilient! So glad it went well and you were right on! Her prayer was Soooo precious !!!!

Anonymous said...


Your mother taught my daughter when she was in the 3rd grade about 20 years ago. I must say, your mother is a impressive woman with a loving, kind, christian heart. My children have never had another teacher like your mom. A rare jewel. She is the most beautiful person one could ever meet. As they say, the apple does not fall far from the tree. My dear, you are your mothers daughter. A prized apple!

jag said...

Frowny face Sav ripped my heart out! Poor little sweetie.

The Sumner's said...

I had a birth defect that required a total of 5 surgeries to fully correct leaving me with 8 different scars. Three of them are quite large on my abdomen. I have always been proud to show them to others and share my story. I am so happy to see that Savannah is proud of her scars! They really do make you who you are, embrace them! She is a strong little girl!

Kat said...

So happy to hear that everything ended well. I've been thinking about you guys non stop! And omg Gen - what a sweet sweet caring amazing friend!

Sunni Len said...

So glad this is done. Kody is still having pain from his surgery before thanksgiving so he just had more tests run. We are waiting to hear what is next. Aww genetics so fun.

Anonymous said...

Suz, I have loved watching you on TexasMultiMamas and Sav's story touched me so deeply as I have a toddler girl myself. God Bless you all and keep your spirits up!

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