Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Twas the Night Before Sav’s Surgery

Before I blog about Savannah’s surgery, I must first tell you what happened the night before… because it was insanity.


As I was getting ready for bed around 10:45p, I heard this loud, awful noise at the top of the stairs. Ben was in respiratory distress, majorly retracting and could not even speak. It happened SO quickly! He was perfectly fine when he had gone to bed just hours earlier.



I immediately got him started on a double dose of Albuterol via nebulizer. However, I began to worry when he was not moving air and struggling to breathe. His airway was swollen and sounded like it was beginning to obstruct! Ben was panicked (I would be too if I couldn’t breathe).


Thank God my BFF, Gen McNulty, had flown in from California to be with us for Sav’s surgery. She agreed that Ben needed treatment. So, we loaded him up and took him to the ER. (Now, if you know me, it takes a LOT for me to even take my kids to the Pediatrician’s office).


At this time, it was about 11:30p and we had to be up in a matter of HOURS for Sav’s surgery. (Of course! …I can count on my fingers the number of times we have had to go to the ER and OF COURSE we are there on the morning of Sav’s surgery! Oh the irony).


Ben slowly started to calm down & breathe better as we waited (for eternity) in the ER, so I made the decision to bring him back home and treat him myself. I gave him another double dose of Albuterol as soon as we arrived home and kicked Joe to the couch. One of us needed to get some sleep that night. As for me, I slept with one eye open~ fixated directly on my poor, sweet Benny.


Around 3:00am, Ben woke me up with that horrible stridor again and he was panicked, having trouble breathing. I gave him another breathing treatment and by 3:45am, nothing was helping (I was thinking “grrrreat~ we are about to have to take him back up to the ER!”). I tried one more thing: I locked ourselves in the bathroom and started the shower & sinks with HOT water…hoping that maybe the steam would calm his airway down. He finally fell asleep on the bathroom floor. I curled up beside him and had a 45 minute cat nap before my alarm went off at 4:45am.


Ben was breathing much better that morning, so I felt comfortable leaving him with Aunt Ashley. Later that afternoon, when Sav was in recovery, Joe rushed home and took Ben to the pediatrician. He was diagnosed with severe bronchitis and the early stages of walking pneumonia! (WOW!) Poor dude.  After some antibiotics and days of breathing treatments around the clock, he is doing much better!


What a night!!! I was functioning on 45 minutes of sleep within 48 hours. Neato.


…to be continued

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cat said...

Oh gosh, that's multiples for you. Just brought back memories of May last year when C had and asthma attack ( nothing new there) with a case of croup on top of it. One of the scariest nights of my life. Home to hospital in 5 minutes flat and luckily as we walked in a wide awake doctor saw the problem and took him straight through before we even did the paperwork.

Anonymous said...

Papa and Granna love you Benny. We are so glad you finally felt better, and we love your picture. Suz, have you caught up on your sleep after a week?

Savannah said...

What a scary night! I'm so glad to hear little B is doing better!

Anonymous said...

Poor thing! My heart goes out to you. I know about the albuteral and watching your child on the machine and it seems like nothing is going to work. I pray everything went well with Savannah surgery. It takes a lot to be a mom! Your doing a good job!!!

Liz said...

My son had an asthma attack this past week too. As did a friend of mine's son. Her dr said that last week was the worst week for asthma. Hope both your babies get well soon!

Sunni Len said...

You are a trooper supa dupa!

Shannon said...

Bronchiolitis is scary, not to mention pneumonia. My little baby has had it 3 times in her short 10 month life. I struggle every time with if I should take her in! Usually I don't when I should. I am so glad your babies are okay.

PS I'm the girl that said hi to you at the gym while you were on the bike and I was prego trying to not get huge.

LOVE your blog and your sweet family! :)

KimB said...

Poor Benny. Look at that sweet face. Glad he's feeling better.

Elyse said...

BLESS YOU sweet woman! Seriously, you are super mama!!! xoxox


Linda Chapman said...

Never a dull moment for YOU!! So happy to hear all is well now. Sweet SWEET pics!

Barbara Manatee said...

What a rough night!! So glad Gen was there with you to help out and give some support! Hope you've had a chance to catch on some sleep since then!

The Murray Crew said...

Oh Mama. Feel for you...even a week later. So scary. Reminds me so much of that night in the ER with Clark when his strider would not respond to anything - remember that night that I called you in tears? So thankful that you got through it, and hopefully your house is much less "eventful" this week. Love you - you are an amazing mama!

Jennifer said...

My goodness that's crazy scary. Thank God Ben is okay.

Aja said...

That is so awful! But girl, you look better on 45 minutes of sleep than I look most days on 8 hours! I would have looked a H.O.T. mess in that hospital.

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