Monday, February 27, 2012

My Bro and His Boys

I freaking LOVE this picture of my brother and his 2 beautiful boys.


Carter, Collin, and Sawyer

This was right when Collin got home from Seattle…they were so happy to see him.

Love my family SO much.

Beyond blessed.

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Love Being A Nonny said...

Precious boys...all three of them!

Dee said...

That IS an awesome pic!!!! Love seeing when the kids are excited to see their parent(s)!!! And even better is that your bro seems to be JUST as happy to see his boys!

Meghan said...

Your brother has the most GORGEOUS children! Wow! They should both be models! I'm surprised an agency hasn't scooped them up yet! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey I know a great pic when I see one, so I took it. My handsome guys. Daddio

Andy said...

:O This twins called Andrew and ethan too !

Mystical Monkey Mum said...

That pic is so sweet!! I am from the UK and I have actually followed your blog for a few years, then I found out about your tv show and watched em all online, You come across as so happy and positive. It was lovely to see xxx

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