Monday, March 05, 2012

9th Anniversary & Joe’s 33rd Bday Wknd

We had a blast this weekend in Austin! Joe took off work on Friday (his birthday) and we headed on down to meet the Steeces at Iguana’s on Lake Travis. (BTW- all of that land you see, should be covered with water…so sad)

03 march 2012 035



Andrew and Ben!

03 march 2012 036



Mommy and Sav

03 march 2012 039



Joe and Benny

03 march 2012 040



Grammy and Sav

03 march 2012 042



Benny and Diddy

03 march 2012 043



It was such a beautiful weekend with lovely spring weather! The kids thoroughly enjoyed running barefoot in the grass~ like genuine Austin Hippies (when in Rome… right?) tee hee

Andrew, Ethan, Ben, & Sav

03 march 2012 025



The kids were thrilled about Daddy’s birthday!

03 march 2012 026



These next pics are hilarious. Grampy was showing the kids the “3-point-stance”… (Sav is totally into this)

03 march 2012 044



This picture is greatness… Ben & Sav are so competitive and ready to run…while the tweedles are just standing and smiling.

03 march 2012 045



Joe has video of this and right when Grampy says “GO”…the identicals immediately let out this high pitched squeel followed by giggles. EVERY TIME. It is too cute.

03 march 2012 046



Lagging behind there, Grampy! LOL. I’m sure you were just “letting them win”, right? xoxo

03 march 2012 047



Joe and his pops

03 march 2012 028



LOVED these bunny suckers that Grammy got for the kids!

What wascally widdle wabbits: Drew, Ethan, Ben & Sav

03 march 2012 048



Mom had to join in on the fun…followed by an afternoon playing in the hot tub with my babies! Such a fun day.

03 march 2012 049



Joe and I had been planning a big date night in downtown Austin for our 9 yr anniversary and his 33rd birthday. Dids surprised us with his driver to take us into town and back! SOOOO nice.

03 march 2012 050



We had a perfect date night!!! One of our favorites that we have ever had.

This was a cute little wine bar on 4th and Congress called Cork & Co. We did some wine tasting while we waited for our reservations a few places down. SO fun. (and definitely something out of our norm)

03 march 2012 051



The perfect table at La Traviata!!! I’ve been dying to go back here since our Quad Mom trip in 2010.

03 march 2012 054



Yummmmm…my favorite! Spaghetti Carbonara. SO FREAKING GOOD! I have dreams about La Traviata Carbonara. LOL

03 march 2012 056



My sweet little hunny called ahead to let them know it was our anniversary dinner…awwww.

03 march 2012 057-1



SUCH a great night! Thank you Grammy, Grampy, Uncle Dan and Aunt Dani for hanging out with the kids for us. We were excited to get back home and chill with you guys. Dids and Dani

03 march 2012 059



The next morning, I found Grammy covered in a sea of quads. SO funny.

03 march 2012 061



Perfect timing~ our buddies Jason & Molly invited us to their school carnival! We had a blast!

03 march 2012 062



Bouncin’ with our buddy, T!

03 march 2012 064



The Mollster and T braving the big slide!

03 march 2012 065



My fearless wonder~ Savannah Leigh

03 march 2012 066



One of the only times I haven’t seen Drew with a big ‘ole grin on his face! I’m pretty sure he was terrified…he was the last one who finally gave in and braved the slide.

03 march 2012 069



Inside for some face painting~ Ethan chose the GREEN snake, of course…

03 march 2012 073



Savi and her pretty little butterfly…

03 march 2012 074



T cracked me up with his glasses and flaming soccer ball! Awesome.

03 march 2012 075



Drew was so proud of his BLUE watch…of course.

03 march 2012 077



Forcing a group picture before they all ran off in different directions! Sav, T, Ethan, Andrew, Ben

03 march 2012 078



Cotton candy…really kids?!! {cringe}

03 march 2012 079



Ben attacking his gigantic ball of pink fluff

03 march 2012 080



Sav was apparently licking all over hers…ewww

03 march 2012 083



Aunt Dani and Uncle Dan played with us too! It was a super fun carnival! We’ll have to do it again next year.

03 march 2012 084



Gettin' down to the end…

03 march 2012 085



I was just standing there like a vulture in front of Drew, with my sopping wet paper towels and hand full of wet wipes! What a sticky mess~ but the kids absolutely loved it.

03 march 2012 086



I’m guessing I was pretty pooped out after this, b/c I don’t have any more pictures of the rest of our weekend! BOOO. We took the kids to play on a playground, out to eat, and then went to “The Lorax” with Grammy.


BTW- I do NOT suggest skipping naps, 2 days in a row, if your kids still need them as much as ours do! Can you say, “WHINY, CRAZY, FREAK OUT SESSIONS x 4?!!” UGH. Sorry everybody!

(Yes, our kiddos still take 2.5 hr naps every day. I’ve tried to drop them, but they are like Gremlins that keep multiplying with water…no joke)


We had a nice Sunday brunch with Grammy & Grampy and then headed to Waco to play with Papa & Granna for a while, on our way home. It was fun because Collin, Ashley, Carter & Sawyer were there as well!


(‘Ole Papa went a little picture crazy…I guess you can tell where I get it from? lol)


Ma & Me




Cute little cousins! Ethan, Ben, Carter, Andrew




Sweet Savi




Seriously y’all…baby Sawyer is the prettiest little thang I have ever seen. Isn’t he adorable?!! He is the spittin’ image of my sis-n-law, Ashley. Love him & those big baby blues! (Such a happy lil squirt)




BFFs~ Ben & Carter…they love each other so much!




Ethan & Andrew- attached at the hip…always with their arms around each other.




Benny and Savi on my oooooold school seesaw




Sunshine Sav




Benny big boy…looking so grown up lately




My handsome little Drew man




Silly widdle Ebud





Absolutely up to no good, these 5. Climbing on the same tree that my brother and I used to scale to get on top of the roof…then jump off the roof onto the trampoline (that was located on the cement)…all without my parents’ knowledge. Oh heaven help me with my crew. Hopefully they’ll have the decency NOT to tell me until they are grown adults…like we did! (Sorry Mom & Dad! ha)



What a wonderful weekend had by all!!!

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Tracey's Life said...

Sounds like fun was had by all. I am jealous of your weather! How is Miss Savi feeling?

Curly Girl Confessions said...

La Traviata is my favorite restaurant in Austin...we go once a month! The Carbonara is so delish.

QuatroMama said...

Love these pictures, Suz! They are growing up so fast and making such great memories. Looks like a great weekend of celebrating!

Mrs. Jenk said...

my favorite dish at one of my favorite restaurants! good choice!

Texas Tales said...

Suz, your quad are adorable. Looks like yall have been having lots of fun! Can't wait till our quads arrive and we can do the same. By the way, your date night celebration sounded superb and you both look great. Loved your dress!!! xx (aka fellow quad mom in Houston!)

mary grace said...

savi looks SO grown up in the pictures that your dad took. wow!!

Barbara Manatee said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like you had a great weekend to celebrate your marriage and Joe's birthday!

That Cork & Co. looks like my kinda place! We have a similar new wine bar near us that we got to check out in January for MY hubby's birthday! :-)

TamaraL said...

As always your kids are so beautiful! You and Joe are a great looking couple too!!

Kalle said...

Happy Annivesary. Looks like a great weekend wa shad by all.

Suz - I have to thank you for the positivity you share with us every week. No matter what is on your plate you always seem to deal with it with grace, laughs, love and positivity. It's great to see and something we should all strive for more.

Thanks so much

Alissa said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love all the photos you share! (Savi looks so grown up in that pic your dad took!) Please pass some of that fab Southern weather up this way! (Canada!)

Brandy said...

Okay, been reading your blog since the quads were born and I just saw something this time that I have NEVER seen before!! In the last few pics, Ben really resembles Joe's brother...I think Ed (not positive tho) you think that?!?

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