Friday, March 09, 2012

Seriously, Sav? (Our recent ER trip)

***WARNING, if you are squeamish, you might want to skip this post***

Seriously, Sav? I mean, REEEEALLY?!!!! You gotta be kiddin’ me…


Last night, the kids were SUPER excited that Kinley & Madelyn were sleeping over and had been talking about it all day!


The girls had been at our house for 10 MINUTES… 1-0-M-I-N-U-T-E-S… when the following occurred…


Our kids had already eaten, so I sat at the table while K & M munched on their food~ just girl chattin’. The quads were all amped up to have company~ everyone was running around and giggling with excitement.


(6:30pm…you know, the “witching hour”…ABSOLUTE INSANITY~ where the noise level in our house is at maximum capacity…just a normal day in a house full of multiples).


The twins and I were talking about yummy carrots when Sav comes sprinting in from the kitchen with a big grin on her face singing: “carrots…carrots…carrots are GOOD!” and then somehow, she trips on the carpet & catapults face-first into one of our squared support beams/pillars. I watched in slow motion…in horror…as my precious baby girl’s face slammed into the sharp corner.


I immediately grabbed Sav, who was holding her face~ screaming bloody murder, and sat her up on the table to assess the damage.






(this picture was about an hour later)

03 march 2012 090



GEEESH. I calmly called out, “Uhhhh, Joooooooooe!…I’m headed to the ER with Sav.” Keep in mind, Joe had been home for about 15 minutes, kids were running around the house screaming, the girls had just arrived, SO loud, SUCH calamity, and here we are~ running out of the house for the ER!


Joe came around the corner and saw the cut~ all purple and silvery…it was deep. Thank God it wasn’t an inch to the right or it would have been her eyeball. No loss of consciousness, no pupil changes, no vomiting~ all good signs.


Also~ for some reason, I had noticed earlier that day that there was a sterile ABD pad (surgical dressing) on the floor of my utility room?!? Random. No idea when/how it had gotten there~ but the second Sav hurt herself, I remembered it immediately and grabbed it off the floor, opened it and had Sav hold it to her head on our way to the hospital. Crazy coincidence, eh? I think not.


So, I loaded up the battered princess and headed to Cook Children’s ER in Fort Worth (you know, the same place we had just been a month earlier for Sav’s billionth kidney surgery?! The same place where we keep a running tab?! I swear we should have some sort of VIP status by now. heh heh. I kid……well, not really).


Savannah literally only cried for about 60 seconds after the incident…so strong & brave, my girl.


The friendly staff at the hospital, wrapped up Sav’s war wounds like a pirate princess while we waited for stitches. This is the best “ARRRRGH” that she could summon up at that moment…Sav proudly announced that she was “Izzie” from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Awesome.

03 march 2012 091



Pour on that Lidocaine gel, peeps! I cannot imagine trying to suture up a 4.5 yr old, strong willed, feisty little girl. Good luck.

03 march 2012 093



One thing you need to know about Sav~ she is never going to take any cr@p from anybody. The last couple of times she has had to get testing or procedures done at the hospital (i.e. foley catheters, IV’s, etc), she will fight with every ounce of her being and scream at the top of her lungs: “GET OFF OF ME! GET AWAY FROM ME! GET ME OUTTA HERE! GET OFF OF MEEEEEEE!!!!” She doesn’t stop or wear herself out until they stop touching her. Her current record is 65 minutes, bless her heart. It is heart breaking, but freakishly awesome at the same time. Talk about one heck of a fighter & strong little girl! And last night was no exception.


As with any Sav-tastic “episode”, the instant it is over, she is perfectly fine. This was literally seconds after they had finished. You can see how puffy her eyes were. Poor baby girl. By this time, it was 10:45p or later.

03 march 2012 094



I gotta tell ya…as a surgical nurse, the first thing you think when you see your child get a laceration on her face is “PLASTIC SURGEON!” But Cook Children’s Wound Care Team is incredible. Miss Callie did an amazing job of stitching her up---even with Sav screaming in her face! I was so impressed.

03 march 2012 095



And the child life specialist, Hannah, was an angel! People who work in childrens’ hospitals are just a different type of awesome. I could never do it. KUDOS and thank all of you for what you do!



When we finally got home, Maddie (left) & Kinley (right) were fast asleep in Savi’s bed…Savannah was bummed that she didn’t even get to play with them! I guess Auntie Liz will have to bring them for another sleep over very soon!

03 march 2012 097




The little lady and myself cozied up for the night in the guest room upstairs. We were absolutely exhausted, but so thankful that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

03 march 2012 096


And yes, my husband is a friggin’ rockstar for getting all 5 kids fed, cleaned, brushed, and ready for bed by himself. I left the house without even having to think twice. He’s such an incredible guy, God love him.


(p.s. I did not text Liz until I knew that her girls were fast asleep, b/c I KNEW she would try to go pick them up! LOL. Which is exactly what she wanted to do. Love her.)


Today Sav is perfectly fine! Of course my only girl was the first one (and hopefully ONLY one) to get the ‘ole scar on the face. Awesome. Of course! LOL…


Am I surprised? Nope…not at all.

Winking smile

Happy Friday, peeps!

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Tracey's Life said...

Oh Lordy Mama, you and your hubby are amazing! I don't know how you do it and keep sane. I hope you are done with ER's and hospitals for a long, long time!!

Shannon said...

She loves that hospital! My 3 year old girl got stitches on her chin at 2. Your husband rocks.

Carrie said...

Bless her heart!! My girl has had to have stitches twice on her face!! And you are right the people at children's hospitals are a different kind of awesome!!! And so are kindergarten teachers!!

Zazzy Episodes said...

That poor girl, bless her heart! Good job mom for being ready to take action so quickly, and good job Dad for jumping in and taking over for the night!

Anonymous said...

Luv U Savi....
Suz, kinda reminds me of the incident when I had to take you in to the clinic and sew up the laceration just under your chin after you planted it there on the driveway playing basketball....remember? LOL
Daddio aka Papa

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, you are definitely retaining the title, You da man, Joe! We love you and are proud of all that you do!
Granna and Papa

Sally said...

Oh poor baby! In an effort to ease your concerns about the whole "she's a girl and that's gonna leave a scar" thoughts you may have been experiencing, my daughter had a large cyst removed in the exact same spot at 6 years old. She's very light skinned (a red-head) and the scar has blended beautifully into her eyebrow. It's so amazing the way baby skin heals. In fact, I was in a terrible car accident at age 6, and have a scar from one side of my forehead to the other. Most people don't even notice it now. They were sure I'd need plastic surgery one day. But thanks to God's grace, it has healed so nicely. Prayers for no more hospital visits any time soon!! :)

Lauren said...

Bless her heart!!! My son got the exact same injury a couple years ago. Glad all is okay and that you have an awesome hubby that was there to help.

boysmum2 said...

Joe rocks and is awesome. I guess you know in the face of anything he is there for you. Have a drink and relax today

Molly said...

Those are some gorgeous stitches!! Oh lil Miss Thang... she is a tough cookie!

Barbara Manatee said...

Both you and Joe are Super Heroes in my book! You both just take it all in stride and no matter what, find a way to laugh and smile in the end.

Glad it wasn't any worse and hopefully there are no more ER visits in your future!

cat said...

Funny enough, our Princess is also theonly seriousnwound patient we ever had. The boys seem to avoid it. She got 9! , yes 9 staples in the back of her head when she was 4,

Grandma Honey said...

That sterile bandage right on the laundry room floor...what a gift!

I love how your applaud Sav's feistiness. She's going to need that someday.

Mona Baker said...

if you can use copious sunscreen on the scar for the 1st year and not let it get any sun it will help minimize the scar

Anneke said...

Hello! I've been reading your blog since you were pregant with the babies! I had to comment today because Hannah, your child life specialist at Cook, is a dear friend of mine. She was in my youth group years ago. We're from IL. I live in CO and she in TX. What a small, small world. And yes, you are correct... sweet Hannah is an angel!

Elyse said...

Holy smokes! Just add this incident to Savi's Cook's resume! Glad she was a rockstar! The pirate look is totally rocking. Love ya!


It's a Crazy Life said...

My little Ruby had to get stitches right by her eye when she was not quite two. Mederma did wonders. That's the stop-the-scar-stuff, right? Anyways, you probably already know this stuff. Your calmness in the face of insanity is inspring, by the way. ;)

Kat said...

SO GLAD that this story has a happy ending. Sheeeeesh Sav.

Anonymous said...

My little boy got 5 stiitches in the same place when he was 26 months old! He litteraly cried for about 30 seconds after it happened and then was more worried about the blood splatters on our clothes. He was perfectly fine at the doctors office until I had to hold him in my lap while they stitched it up....he screamed bloody murder the entire time! The second they were done, he quit crying and said he wanted to go play. Day 2 and 3 he had a serious black eye, but didn't seem to bother him a bit!

Kalle said...

What a Rockstar daughter you have to take the cut so well. Hope you had a very uneventful :)and relaxing rest of the weekend.

Maggie said...

Those darn corners! My boy tripped in a kitchen and caught the corner of a cabinet on the side of his head and it split clean down to his skull. Gotta love that feeling of "....headin' to the ER!".

Anonymous said...

she is such a brave little girl and ur husband is like the super husband i hope sav gets better soon

god bless kristen

Alissa said...

YIKES! Poor Savannah (and poor Mommy too!) Glad to hear that she's on the mend already - what a strong cutie pie you have there!

kim said...

Your daughter and mine will have matching scars, lol. She ran and slipped and busted her eyebrow open on a sharp cabinet knob and at the time she was my only girl, we had two teenage boys that made it through childhood without stitches and here my baby (3 yr old) girl was the first to get them!

Anonymous said...

I had 3 different sets of stitches (all on my face!) and broke my leg by the age 3! Clumsy child? Apparently so. My scars healed very well- you can barely see them! Poor Savi! Prayers for no more hospital visits for a LONG time for y'all!

Hannah said...

My friend Anneke told me that she'd read this and just knew it must have been me there in the ER with you guys. Such a small world! You guys were amazing. You don't know how much I appreciated your ability to stay calm throughout the procedure and I also applaud Savannah's ability to fight back. She sure made us work hard that night, but I'm glad she recovered so quickly. It looks like you have an amazing family.

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