Monday, April 16, 2012

American Futbol~ Quadruplet Style

Watch out, world! The Steece quads started soccer last Saturday!

04 april 2012 225



Despite the fact that it costs a small fortune to put our kids in any type of extra-curricular activity…

04 april 2012 188



They were purdy cute and oh-so-excited! (Drew, Ben, Sav, Ethan)

04 april 2012 227



Doing some warm up drills with Dad. (Joe was in heaven…he has DREAMED of the day that he could play sports with his kids)

04 april 2012 191



Ethan and Andrew LOVED soccer! Drew was exceptionally good.

04 april 2012 205



Little Miss Thang was a rockstar (was there ever any doubt?)

04 april 2012 206



and then there was Ben………..oh, Benny. Despite being one of the best athletes out of our kids~ Ben was a little intimidated by all of the commotion and spent the majority of practice on the sidelines.

04 april 2012 208


One thing you need to know about Benjamin, is that you absolutely cannot PUSH him. He will do things on HIS OWN TIME! I cannot tell you how many people have told us this: (speech therapists, occupational therapists, swim coaches, multiple teachers, etc). He is a perfectionist.



Just look at her face! SO determined. (and a wee bit of a flirt, too- might I add) ---{SCARY!}--- Coach Steve in the green is AWESOME! Such a cool cat and amazing with the kids.

04 april 2012 211



The video of the quads during soccer practice is hilarious (especially Sav). Here is my fav so far:


In this drill, you had to dribble your soccer ball while trying to pull the “feathers” from the “peacocks” (coaches) waist. I LOVE her playful stance toward the end of the footage (around the 18 sec mark)…so cute!



And Andrew…making it look easy

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Kate said...

LOVE the sassy pink swoosh on those shoes! Adorable post :)

Kelly said...

Such sweet pictures! Our twins are only 15 months, but my husbands looks forward to the day he can play soccer with them!!

Barbara Manatee said...

My 2 played tball last summer and are excited to play again this year. I know what you mean about the $$$ of putting multiple kids in something like this. I signed all 3 up for swimming..yikes!

they all look so cute! hope they have lots of fun!

Gracey said...

I really like soccer, but football will always be my favorite!

Kat said...

LOVE these 4 - they are so adorable!!!!

debi9kids said...

omgosh! They are too cute for words!
LOVE Sav's hair do (meaning love that she's still SO FABULOUSLY girly even playing soccer :)

AmazingGreis said...

All 4 of them in those uniforms is the cutest thing ever. Savs bows are amazing!!! The cuteness kills me!

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