Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Sunday in Waco

Sunday morning we left Austin for church in Waco with Papa & Granna! Savannah, Ethan, Andrew, & Ben in their new Easter duds.




The fam




LOVE this pic of Papa & Granna with their grandquads.




We opened more Easter baskets and had another egg hunt! Benny my boy.




These two cracked us up! If you want to know the way to Ethan & Andrew’s hearts~ just get them a motorized train… no joke. These guys are still OBSESSED with their trains.




Egg hunt numero dos




The tricky Easter bunny had each egg imprinted with an initial and the kids had to find their own eggs. Savannah is proudly displaying her “S” egg.





It was hilarious to see how excited they would get. If Ethan or Andrew found an egg for another sibling, they would always walk it over to him/her…but if Ben & Sav found an egg with a different initial, they would just toss it behind them and keep hunting. (LOL…cut throat… not here to make friends)




Drew and Ben




Sweet Shi, waiting for an egg to drop so she can pounce on the sugary goods




Ethan holding his new train, “Duck”…couldn’t be any happier.




and I absolutely LOVE this picture that my Dad took of Sav. How grown up does she look?! Sweet girl.



Hope you guys had a WONDERFUL Easter!

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Our Happy Married Life... said...

so cute!!! That pic of Sav makes her look 10.

Kat said...

Happy Easter to your beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

That is a sweet, sweet picture of Miss Savannah, and also of the boys. We had fun with that tricky Easter Bunny!
Papa H

AJ said...

Her hair has gotten so long! now stay away from those sissors!:)

Barbara Manatee said...

You and your kiddos are seriously the cutest things ever!!! Looks like a great Easter!

mary grace said...

savi is beautiful!! and her hair is getting long again! (the boys are super cute too!)

glad you had a wonderful easter... looks like lots of fun.

The Townsend's said...

That picture of Sav is ADORABLE!! We were in Waco for Easter also with the Ellis crew. I took Hannah for her inaugural picture with the huge ape statue that's in the yard of someone's house in Waco. :)

Jodi said...

As always adorable! Soccer update is SO cute - love the video when Sav gets so excited at the end! Had to comment on this post because the family picture of you guys is absolutely PERFECT! Everyone looks great!!! A framer :) Thanks for sharing your amazinf 4 with the world. They can't get any cuter, I think I say that every time I comment. LOL. But its true!

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