Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Shenanigans in Austin

We had a wonderful Easter weekend in Austin and Waco! I’ll have to split these posts into 2….so, lets start with Austin:


Joe took off Good Friday and we headed on down to Grammy & Grampy’s house. Of course we stopped for lunch at our favorite hangout~ Flores (and its PERFECT playground).

04 april 2012 017



The next series of photos crack me up! The kids were having a blast with Auntie Jess’s iphone4~ they loved being able to see themselves while taking a picture. Crazy little mischievous Drew.

04 april 2012 104



Andrew about to bite down on an unsuspecting Ben…

04 april 2012 105



…and after the fact (Ben’s face is priceless)

04 april 2012 106



back to hugging (or strangling) in no time! Crazy boys.

04 april 2012 108



Auntie Jess and Savi

04 april 2012 111



One of Savannah’s favorite things to do is take pictures with our phones…ummm….these next bajillion photos are living proof that 50% of her Daddy’s DNA is running through her little veins.

04 april 2012



Later that evening, we headed out to downtown Austin (thanks to Grammy for watching the kids!)

Me and Jess

04 april 2012 038



The Steece boys: Joe, Dan, and Ed~ celebrating Daniel’s 30th bday!

04 april 2012 040



Happy birthday to one of the best bro’s a gal could ever have!

04 april 2012 044




The next morning, the kids were super excited for an Easter egg hunt around Grammy’s neighborhood! Ethan & Drew stopping for a picture.

04 april 2012 04704 april 2012 046



Benny and Auntie Jess

04 april 2012 048



Once again, Sister cleaned up shop…that poor little basket couldn’t even hold all of her eggs!

04 april 2012 050



A pic with Mr. Peter Cottontail in front of Grammy’s house…Sav’s basket cracks me up.

04 april 2012 051



Just happy to be together…attached at the hip at all times

04 april 2012 053



Sweet Ben sorting through his loot

04 april 2012 055



She’s not proud or anything…

04 april 2012 052



That afternoon we played in the pool!

04 april 2012 057

The Steece quadlings are still sporting their puddle jumpers {sigh}…maybe this summer’s swim lessons will do the trick! I’ll tell ya this~ Mama is going to be able to let out a HUGE sigh of relief, once they can all swim…its always in the back of my mind, ya know?



A quick intermission to open Grammy and Grampy’s awesome Easter baskets!

04 april 2012 060



…and back to the pool!

04 april 2012 022



Later Saturday evening, the Steece Fam attended the Bob Mayberry Foundation Annual Fundraiser for cancer research, where Kate & Paul are proud sponsers.

Jess, Ed, Dani, Dan, Suz, Joe, Kate & Paul




(I forgot my camera, so all of these pictures were from Joe’s cell)

The gals




The guys




My handsome hubby and me (a night out with NO kids! ~thanks to Katie and Kenzie for babysitting!)




Cute little cowboy Diddy…love it!




Ummm…this is a scary looking crew




Ed, Dan, Jess, Joe and Kate




Me and Danny boy

04 april 2012 024



Me, Dani, Dan, and Dids




Kate and her boys




What a lucky man! LOL!








And at the end of the night…we had a wee bit o’ fun in the complimentary photo booth (just a little)…




We had a great time! Thank you so much, Paul and Kate, for letting us be a part of such a special event and wonderful organization.



Love you!







Coming up~ more egg hunting and Easter Sunday in Waco!

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Tracey's Life said...

Looks like you all had a great time. What an awesome looking pool too! If you have a local YMCA, check out their swim programs - they do great with kids and the prices are reasonable.

Texas Tales said...

Glad y'all had a great Easter! Savannah's full basket of eggs was funny, I bet she was on a real mission.

Our Easter was spent packing for the hospital since I got admitted on Monday... I'm sure you remember those days! With God's blessing, once we're done here we'll be going home with our own quads!

Sara said...

LOVE the dress you wore to the charity event! Where it is from?

Aiketa said...

What a beautiful family you all make! And also it seems you had an awesome time!

Happy belated Easter!

cat said...

Looks like a fantastic time. And yes, I also always have that drowning thing in the back of my mind

Alissa said...

Great pics!! Love the Easter egg hunt photos - such fun! Can I just say how envious I am that you are swimming outside already?! Send that sunshine & warm up to the great Canadian North please :o)

~Alissa (in Quebec....moving, so soon to be Ontario!)

Zazzy Episodes said...

Looks like a ton of fun!

The Brooks Bunch said...

Looks like such a fun family to be a part of! You and the Mister look great! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Just love the way you all spend such quality time with both sets of family. You both seem to have such understanding and helpful in laws. I love it and very cute Easter pics.

Penny said...

Loving Savannah's self portraits. lol

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