Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Sav’s Day @ Disney On Ice

Last Saturday we attended Disney on Ice: Dare to Dream, and can I just tell you that it was my favorite yet! (Watch the video)


Rapunzel and Flynn flying high in the air, performing acrobatic stunts…it was extraordinary. LOVED it. Dare to Dream also showcased Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog~ another fav) & Cinderella. Great show all around!


Awww…my little Snow White~ all dressed up and excited to see some dancing princesses.

03 march 2012 451



So glad Granna joined us!

03 march 2012 452



Savannah and her Tiana cup snowcone (*parents, I highly suggest the snow cone, b/c it kept her occupied throughout the entire performance!)

03 march 2012 453



Just the gals! Woot, woot!

03 march 2012 455



My little Rapunzel

03 march 2012 457



So easy to spoil when there is only ONE child. (Sav’s fav: cotton candy!)

03 march 2012 458


My mom used to always take me to Disney on Ice when I was a little girl~ so it was very special to have the same experience together with MY very own little girl. Great day.


As for the boys~ they will be spending a day with Dad when Thomas the Train comes to town in a few weeks. I’m pretty sure their heads will explode with excitement! {squeeeee}


Joe and I need to make an effort to do more one-on-one dates with each individual child, so this is a start. This has been on my heart a LOT lately. Does anyone else struggle with this? ~spending good quality one-on-one time with each child…especially you moms of multiples…


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Crystal Renee said...

Sav is so darn cute! Glad she had fun. I have a hard time with my twins, then 2 singles. It's difficult. But I just have to spend time with them individually like you are doing here.

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Lissa said...

Suz - it seems to me that you two are doing a fabulous job. I only have two children, but we try and take them out just one on one frequently, even to the grocery store, bank. With work, family duties, mom/wife duties - kids appreciate any time you can spend with them. Love your family !!!

Lauren said...

Savannah is the most beautiful little girl and you are gorgeous in the pic with her! Love that yall are focusing on each of them and spending that special one on one time. No doubt she truly felt like a princess that day!

cat said...

Oh its tough. We just simply do not have the time 3 kids and 2 parents.

Alissa said...

It sure is tough to split your time with 2 little ones...or in your case, 4 little ones. It looks like you guys are doing a great job -just the fact that you are aware of trying to give them one on one time is a positive thing. Savi looks so precious in these pictures!
Hope you were unaffected by those tornadoes yesterday!

Kelly said...

She looks so cute all dressed up!

Now that our b/g twins are getting older (14 mo) I want to do more individual time with them. Today my little girl had a temp and didn't go to Mother's Morning Out, so we had a fun day together. It was also nice for my son, bc he got a lot more attention at MMO!

Gina aka Slappy said...

Thanks for the reminder that I need to spend more time with my kids, even though they are eeeeeeeeeevil teenagers. :)

Gina aka Slappy said...

This reminds me that I need to spend more time with my kidlets, even though they are eeeeeeeeeevil teenagers. :)

koste said...

I agree..I think you do a great job. We try to do it too, but it doesn't work out so well with 4 kids and 2 that are in activities that take up most of our nights. Our goal is just for my husband and I to get out! hehe We have been doing pretty well at getting out once ever 3-4 months so I can't complain! : )

Nicole said...

We love Disney on Ice also! It's a lot easier for us to do one on one time since we have only 2 kids, what we struggle with is mommy/son time and daddy/daughter time. Honestly I much more prefer pedicures with my daughter then the monster truck show with my son lol. I've read your blog and watched your show (which I miss) and I think you're doing a great job!!

beth ewing said...

I just had my third in October and I feel like once the kids outnumber the parents, it becomes harder to spend one on one time. I don't have any advice but if you come up with something, please share it with the blog world.

AJWolverine said...

Like Lissa said, even just simple things like running errands or going for a walk or bike ride in the neighborhood with only one child is something they really get a kick out of. With my three kids I've found it's best to keep it simple. The grand gestures are nice occasionally, but far too expensive and time consuming to keep up regularly.

Barbara Manatee said...

I agree - so hard to get 1-on-1 times with them all! Last summer, I made sure to get a 'date day' with the twins - never found a day for our youngest but at 2, I'm not sure she'd have 'gotten' it really. This year, I definitely plan to repeat that plan and make sure all 3 get their own day! It was great - and both the kids and I LOVED it (wish we had more time to do things like that!!)

I hope to find a Disney show soon to take the kids to, too!

Island Baby said...

Gosh I'm jealous! Sav is soooo tan!!! Is that from sunbathing or just naturally dark skin? Love Disney on Ice!!

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