Friday, May 18, 2012

End of School Program

We have been blessed with some amazing teachers at Park Row Christian Academy, and this year was no different. Miss Janie rocked our socks off and we will miss her terribly!


Ethan, Sav, Miss Janie, Drew & Ben~ dressed up for their end of school program…

05 may 2012 029-001



Okay, so it was difficult to modify these pics enough to put on my blog…you know, I’m sure some parents wouldn’t particularly enjoy their child’s face being splattered all over the internet.


Ben and his *girlfriend* (yes, girlfriend…doesn’t surprise me one bit with that big heart of his) She’s a doll!

05 may 2012 030



Savi and that big smile (looks like she has a flower growing off of her head) tee hee. My fashionista!

05 may 2012 031



Little E (I’ve always called him Little E because he was my smallest baby, weighing in at a whopping 2 lb 7 oz. Go figure that he has always been the tallest! Not so little anymore)

05 may 2012 032



Drew. No, he is not about to fight someone (at this particular moment in time, that is)…but performing some groovy hand motions:

“…little ones to him belong, they are weak but he is…”

05 may 2012 033



This was our first school program of any kind, and the kids were absolutely THRILLED to see Dad and Mom in attendance. Such a small thing for us, but a HUGE thing in the sweet heart of a child.

05 may 2012 039



Miss Janie had to apologize for the stage assignments~ she had to split my kids up. Hey, I tooooootally get it! Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum cannot keep their giggly hands off each other! That was a super smart move! tee hee

(Drew…and Sav)

05 may 2012 041



As you can see, Ethan didn’t seem to mind! Little guy was singing his heart out on the end over there. Cracked me up.

05 may 2012 042



Miss Janie, thank you so much for being a blessing in the lives of our children. I prayed for you on a daily basis…for I know how much stress it can be (and that is only with MY four, not a whole classroom! LOL). Thank you for putting up with Sav’s feisty attitude, the stomping of Ben’s feet, the twins constantly feeding off of each other and pushing your every button, etc…


But thank you most of all for loving these kiddos as if they were your own. God love you and I hope you have an incredible summer!


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Diane said...

You can totally tell they loved performing!!!! What a blessing to find such a great teacher. Do they start Kindergarten in the Fall?

a portland granny said...

I've been a lurker since before you brought them home!! I just love your kids--they are so adorable and I love the way your dress them!!

As a teacher myself, I know their teacher loved having all four of them in her classroom. It will be a fond memory for her for years to come because it was so unusual!

Have a great summer. May you be blessed as you seek to raise your little ones to glorify the Lord.


TamaraL said...

You sure have the cutest kids!! So glad they had such a wonderful and caring teacher. :)

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