Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Grammy’s BDay Weekend

We were THRILLED to have Grammy and Grampy come to town to celebrate Grammy’s 29th bday. Winking smile

05 may 2012 009



Aunt Dani and Uncle Dan drove in for the weekend-o-fun as well…and I’m pretty sure Aunt Dani scored MAJOR points with the Diva when she took Sav for her very first (professional) mani/pedi. She’s not beaming or anything…

05 may 2012 05405 may 2012 055



Our family is FULL of personality! Love it.

05 may 2012 056



Sav, Aunt Dani, Ethan, Andrew, Uncle Dan, Ben. (Sav is wearing a beeeeautiful dress that Grammy brought back from France…so pretty!)

05 may 2012 057



Before our last day of soccer, we cut into the bday pie that I made for Grammy~ a Peanut Butter Silk Pie. (Its amazing, folks…a little labor intensive, but worth every second of preparation)

Ben, Ethan, Grammy, Andrew, Savi

05 may 2012 011



When Grammy asked the kids if they knew how old she was, they said 14yrs old. It was a unanimous decision (my kids are so smart)…so, Grammy blew out candles that said “14”.

05 may 2012 013



and then we were on to soccer! Love this pic of Uncle Dan and the little show off.

05 may 2012 014



The best coach in the world~ Coach Steve. Guys, if you are looking for an incredible soccer organization run by a man who was destined by God to teach little children---you need to check out:

05 may 2012 015



Then we headed into Fort Worth for some yummy Mexican food! Benny and Grampy…Ben LOOOOOVES his grandfathers. Such a sweet old soul.

05 may 2012 016



Daniel and Joseph

05 may 2012 017



Grammy and Andrew

05 may 2012 018



Savannah, Ethan, and Aunt Dani

05 may 2012 019



My little men…aren’t they sweet? Ethan, Drew, Ben

05 may 2012 021-001



Now, the kids wanted a turn to take pictures…

05 may 2012 020



Joe loves his ninja turtle face…nerd.

05 may 2012 022



Joe and Grammy

05 may 2012 025



Sav took this pic of Grampy and me

05 may 2012 026



Ready for bed and watching Grammy open her bday present from us. I think she liked it.

05 may 2012 028


Had a blast! Thanks SOOOO much for coming to play with us for the weekend. And happy happy happy happy birthday, Grammy! We love you.

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Eliza said...

Aww, the kids are so cute in their little soccer kits! And you all look like you had a good time.

P.S. Savannah is so goofy! Like her Dad x

Jen said...

Adorable pictures! Love the boys with longer hair

Alyssa said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Glad to know my mom's not the only one who stopped aging in her 20's! Last year she turned 27 for the 27th time!

Anonymous said...

That funny, I just celebrated my 29th birthday...again!

Anonymous said...

I have never written but have watched your kids grow up on this blog. Two things, made the Brie cranberry recipe tonight and it as so good. Second, I was with someone here in New Ulm tonight that was hired at 3M by your Father in law in 1981, small world. You have such a great gift of writing, keep it up! Liz

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