Monday, October 22, 2012

Aggie & Tiger weekend

Joe and I spent the most wonderful of weekends in Aggieland.

10 october 2012 192



What made it special was the presence of these 2 beautiful swamp thangs! Our fellow quad peeps from Louisianna: Jac & Torey Tubre.

10 october 2012 191



LOVE my sweet Jac attack!

10 october 2012 185-001



Joe and I were thrilled to show the Cajuns around College Station and take them to our favorite places. We ate some yummy breakfast at La Bodega, then headed over to the Corner Bar & Grill…overlooking the campus.

10 october 2012 193



A little sip of something sweet at the Dry Bean and then its game time!

10 october 2012 194



It was a beautiful day at Kyle Field, not to mention these amazing seats!!!

10 october 2012 195



Jac declared that for the next 3 hours, we were “not friends” Winking smile

10 october 2012 198



The Ags were amazing… (during the 1st quarter) and then… well, it doesn’t matter… we were in good company, despite their purple and gold! Winking smile

10 october 2012 199



Jac and Torey on Kyle Field

10 october 2012 200



I was proud of Joe for not pouting too badly. tee hee.

10 october 2012 187



Aren’t they just the cutest?!!! LOVE THEM.

10 october 2012 202



Ran into the 4th Steece son~ Lonnie (or Uncle Lonnie as my children call him)!

10 october 2012 205



A little burned after the game (nice shades line, Suz)

10 october 2012 206



We headed over to Lupe Tortilla… home of the best beef fajitas you will ever eat!

10 october 2012 208



After a little nap, and nice LONG shower… we headed out for some dessert, our FAVORITE dessert in College Station.

10 october 2012 210



The Strawberry Tart at Café Eccel. YUMMMM

10 october 2012 211



My sweet, beautiful, smart, fiesty, fun JAC. I love you SOOOO much. We had such a blast hanging with you and Toe. Cannot wait for next year!!!

10 october 2012 212



Thanks a heap to Granna, Liz, and Chris for watching our rugrats over the weekend. Love you guys more than anything.


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Frazzled-Razzle-RN said...

Love the jean jacket and sounds like a lovely weekend!

Jac Tubre said...

SO MUch fun!!! Can't wait for next year :). You and joe are too much fun! Love y'all!

April said...

looks like so much fun. my cousin and her husband both graduated from Texas A&M, and when I visited them back in 2007 they took me to La Bodeago! So good!

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

Aww love your outfit in the last pic!! You look amazing ;) Glad you had a great weekend

CASEY said...

As a fellow Aggie, I must ask. . . where did you find that AWESOME maroon and white dress?!? I love it!

And your last outfit. . . ADORABLE as well!

Anonymous said...

I love your outfits!
I would LOVE to hear more about your journey on the Metabolism Miracle. I keep looking out for an update!

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