Friday, October 19, 2012

State Fair of TX~ 2012 Quad Style!

After “Green” Day at school yesterday, we headed to the fair!

Sidenote: I was completely overwhelmed at the amount of generous friends who offered us their free tickets! Thank you SOOOO much. It costs us a small fortune to do anything fun like this and we appreciate you SO much!


Big Tex and the kiddos: Savannah, Drew, Ben and Ethan

10 october 2012 115


Ummm…while I’m writing this post, Big Tex just caught on fire this morning!!! HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

big tex burns_Laura Jones

(photo credits)


Awww….poor Tex! He’s been around since 1952. Lots of history behind the world's tallest cowboy. Sad smile RIP, good buddy!

big tex is gone

(photo credits)

So sad.


K, back to the original post…


Yep, we all meet the height requirements again!  Smile (A, S, B, E)

10 october 2012 103



Eagerly anticipating their first ride of the day (Dad counting out the number of tickets for ONE ride x 4…having heart palpitations)

10 october 2012 096


ONE RIDE = 10 tickets = $5 x 4 = $20 per ride for the quads



But seriously…look at these smiles! Worth every penny! (E, S, A, B)

10 october 2012 09810 october 2012 099


10 october 2012 100



SO proud. I LOOOOOVE roller coasters. Makes my heart happy to see my kids enjoying them too!

10 october 2012 10210 october 2012 101



Andrew and Sav, flying like superman!

10 october 2012 105



Ethan and Ben

10 october 2012 107




10 october 2012 110



Time for a Fletcher’s Corny Dog (A, S, B, E)

10 october 2012 117



The fellas enjoyed checking out some super cool old Chevy’s

10 october 2012 182



And, of course they spotted a vintage locomotive! (B, A, E)

10 october 2012 121



Spent a good 15 minutes just staring at it…

10 october 2012 119



Ahhh, the Fried Autumn Pie (pumpkin, chocolate, cinnamon, sweet cream)…SO good! Don’t worry, I was nice and shared

Winking smile 

(Sav, me, E, B, A)

10 october 2012 122



Drew, Ethan, and Ben checking out the baby chicks

10 october 2012 126



In the 2.5 seconds it took to take this picture, we lost Savannah for 20 seconds. It happens THAT quickly. UGH. (She was right around the corner, just couldn’t see her)

10 october 2012 125



Time to feed the animals! DONKEYS! (Drew)

10 october 2012 131



Ben and Andrew

10 october 2012 132



Miss Priss~ hilarious b/c she was concentrating on feeding the animals, abruptly stopped for the picture, flashed us her cheesiest smile, and then immediately dropped the smile and turned back around to feed the animals. (A lady standing close by was cracking up at our little *DIVA*). She’s definitely perfecting her “pose”.

10 october 2012 133



Benny and the donkey

10 october 2012 136



Ostriches are crazy looking birds! Ben gets bit in 5, 4, 3…

10 october 2012 137



Sorry folks, I couldn’t NOT take this picture…tee hee

10 october 2012 138



Loved the animals! (E & S)

10 october 2012 139



Yep kids… Mama has a picture of her pregnant self in the hospital bed that looks painfully similar to old Boris the pig.

10 october 2012 141


LOL! (I still had 5 more weeks to go!)



More rides! Weeeeee (E, S, A, B)

10 october 2012 143



I loved the 4 little beetle bots on the top of this ride…reminded me of my little bugs (B, S, E, A)

10 october 2012 147



Drew in back, Ben, and Ethan in front

10 october 2012 148



Ethan having a blast! Love it.

10 october 2012 151



Bumper Cars! Sav behind the wheel---watch out, world.

10 october 2012 154



Ethan, my safe driver

10 october 2012 155



Crazy Drew

10 october 2012 158



Focused Benny

10 october 2012 159



Melt. Me. SOOOOOO happy. I really do turn into a little kid again when I watch my babies having fun at the fair. (B, S, E, and Drew in the back)

10 october 2012 161



Andrew, milking a random cow on our way out of the gates (lol, this kid…)

10 october 2012 165



Okay… so, I may or may not have promised Sav her absolute favorite treat in the whole wide world~ cotton candy. I whispered to Dad as we were walking out… Dad was hoping she would forget… but NOPE! So, we stopped in our tracks (in front of the dairy tent) and Dad went back into the fair to buy some CC. Hey, a promise is a promise, right? lol.

10 october 2012 166



Glad we stopped, because we were able to enjoy the parade of lights!

10 october 2012 167


What a GREAT night had by all!!!!


Our favorite parts of the 2012 fair:

Ben – the bumper cars

Andrew – Big Tex

Ethan – the bumper cars

Sav – the mouse roller coaster

Suz – the fried Autumn Pie

Joe – the old Chevy trucks



Thanks again to Jan and Steph for the tickets! (and to everyone else who graciously offered us their tickets). YOU ROCK!


10 october 2012

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Renae said...

I know crazy about Big Tex, I'm glad we got our picture with him last week when we went to the Fair.

Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said...

Hi Suz! First of all, I can't believe your kiddos stood in front of Big Tex yesterday morning! CRAZY! (I'm a TX girl....grew up in Dallas and live in McKinney now.) Second of all (I wanted to e-mail you about this, but couldn't find an e-mail address for you), I started a blog called Pinterest Told Me To that I think you would love! I basically take outfits that I've pinned, and I re-create them with things out of my own closet (with some fun stories and commentary along the way). I would LOVE it if you would come and check it out!
Let me know if you do!
Sheaffer :)
(My thumbnail on the side should show you what I'm talking about!)

Anonymous said...

Your childen are adorable. Love it!

Frazzled-Razzle-RN said...

Aww how fun! I just loved when my kids were those ages and enjoyed the fair just as much.

Kaia said...

I love Sav's boots and her "diva" story!

Robyn said...

So I have to share this story with you. My hubby and I took our 5 year old to the State Fair today. While on the midway she saw the superman flying ride that "appeared" to be the one you blogged about. She immediately requested to ride it. As I was giving the attendant the tickets (for her to ride alone) I noticed the height requirement was 46". I hesitated but thought "I remember seeing a pic of the Steece quads on this ride alone and they appeared to love it" off we sent her. About 30 seconds in to the ride my 5 year old was "flying" very fast and practically vertical!! I was freaking out!!! and thinking to myself "dang those Steece kids are daredevils". When the ride was over (which btw our 5 year old LOVED) and my heartbeat slowed I was even more amazed at your kids forward about 30 minutes and we were walking through the "kid section" of the Midway and guess what I saw??? Yep....a mini (and I'm sure safer) version of the superman ride. Suddenly the pieces all fit together!!!!

Just thought you might get a laugh out of our adventure ride of the day!!!

Esther said...

suz, super adorable as always...curious: did you take the kiddos for the 5 year checkup? wonder how tall they are now...them seem quite tall for their age...

love your new hair color, by the way!

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

Your kiddos are so cute :) what a great weekend!!!

Kristin said...

So cute!! Where oh where did you get those pink boots? I must find those for my daughter! =)

marble flooring design said...

Sounds you had fun. Ya, it costs some fortune to have such fun. xoxo

~ Herman Swan

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