Monday, October 15, 2012

Visiting with Our Grands…

Thursday was Black and White day at school. Each child brought an item for show and tell that was B&W. Drew had Sheriff from Cars; Ethan had Mavis the train; Sav had her kitty; and Ben had a soccer ball. Lil cuties!

10 october 2012 013

(*after taking this picture, I realized that Ethan and Andrew’s bowl haircuts had to go! LOL)


Friday we headed to Austin, stopping in Waco to love on Papa and Granna for a bit.




My sweet Dad…even if we are only there for 5 minutes, he will pull out his camera and start snapping away!




Papa and Granna with their grand-quads. Crazy ole Drew.





Then we headed on down the road to Austin, where Grammy’s ghoul was waiting to greet us! Muahahahahaha

10 october 2012 014



One last dip in the pool before it starts to get cold! The kiddos and their Gramps! LOVE this pic!

10 october 2012 015



Found a cute frog in the pool…named him Freddy.

10 october 2012 016



You think he will turn into a prince? I love froggies and lizards, etc. Always have. They are adorable!

10 october 2012 018




10 october 2012 020



Uhhh…nice hair, Dad. Winking smile with Ethan

10 october 2012 021




10 october 2012 022



Sassy Sav

10 october 2012 023



Ethan and Gramps

10 october 2012 025



Sav practicing her shoulder diving

10 october 2012 026



Sav and Ben in the hot tub

10 october 2012 029



The whole crew! Andrew, Ethan, Ben and Sav

10 october 2012 031



Water gun fiiiiiiiight! (Drew and Ben take the high ground)

10 october 2012 034



Dad blasting Ethan…he’s not having fun or anything

10 october 2012 035



The diva and the man wrapped around her finger

10 october 2012 037



Gig ‘Em, Ben!10 october 2012 039



My sweet crazies! Love them so much…

10 october 2012 038



Time for Grampy’s chicken wangs! So, over the course of the weekend, the kids ate about 60 wings. No kidding. Each one of my kids would take on anybody in a wing-eating-contest and win. No doubt.

Ben going to town, getting every last spec of meat off dem bones.

10 october 2012 040



There were absolutely NO kernels left on Drew’s corn after about 10 seconds. It was like something you would see in the cartoons!

A corn-cob-typewriter, if you will.

10 october 2012 041



Ethan~ dude was serious about his wings…very focused.

10 october 2012 042



Miss Priss requests hers without sauce and somehow manages to stay nice and clean whilest eating.

10 october 2012 043



“Somebody put some pants on that kid!”

10 october 2012 045




The next morning, we dressed in our finest Aggie garb (or unintended LSU colors, lol) and headed out to one of our favs~ Angels.

10 october 2012 092



DFW peeps, why don’t we have better restaurants that have playscapes for the kiddos? I mean, almost every place in Lakeway has a playscape. It is SOOO nice!


Our buddy, Jason, bought all of the kids tatoos. I don’t know what it is about kids and temporary tats, but ours ALWAYS ask for them.

Drew and his red dragon

10 october 2012 046



Ethan wanted to do his “hulk face”, showing off his green dragon (what are the odds that he would get the only green tatoo in the machine? lol)

10 october 2012 051



Benny, the sailor-man

10 october 2012 047



Sav and her glittery flowers

10 october 2012 048



Happy Birthday, Jason!!! with our best buddy, Trent!

10 october 2012 052



The quad squad~ all tatted up.  (A, S, E, B)

10 october 2012 049



Saturday night, we watched the Aggie game that started at 8pm. Didn’t finish until 1a! We won. It was ugly, but a “W” is a “W”.

Too bad Ben couldn’t hang anymore. Hilarious that he is facing the opposite direction, palms up! Rough night, lil buddy?

10 october 2012 093

(This is exactly how WE felt after that game too! SHEESH)


Sunday morning we headed home, stopping in Waco. Me and my sweet Ma.




Silly kids~ always on the tricycles in the backyard








Granna loving on the boys




The Darla and her Granna



We are so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents (and who live so close)!

Love you guys a TON.

Thanks for a fantastic weekend!


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Katie said...

Can we have a moment to talk about HOW CUTE YOUR HAIRCUT IS? Love it!

beth ewing said...

you really are blessed. the more i talk to people, the more i realize that not everyone is blessed with amazing parents/grandparents. my parents are but my in-laws are not at all. they're hardly around, treat me horribly and are so stuffy and don't play with my kids.

Dawn said...

How is Sav's hair to take care of? Does it lay that way on it's own? Looking for a new haircut for my 5 year old daughter, and her's is so cute!

Theresa {A Happy Scrappy Life} said...

LOVE your hair! Looked like a great trip! Good so see Sav doing so well! :-)


Kriss said...

I can't wait to see your kitchen makeover!!!

Jenn K said...

Hey Love!! I LOOOOOOOOVE your new do so much. You look fabulous.

Looks like you guys are having fun down there...I can not believe you were swimming and how tan those Steece's are - it's freeeeeezing up here.

Great pictures and memories.

Anonymous said...

You look so much like your mom with your new haircut!!!! Pretty!

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