Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Family S’mores

(We are driving back home after a 6 day holiday in Austin…so, I used this time to update my blog! Be prepared for 10 posts over the next 10 days! LOTS to catch up on! Hope you all had a WONDERFUL holiday season! Happy 2013!)


In the middle of December, we had ridiculous weather! It was hot during the day and cool at night. On one particular day, we were outside from sun up to sun down~ we had an absolute blast!


After grilling out some yummy food, we pulled out all of the goods for S’mores. It was so much fun.


Our back patio lit up with our tree in the background…purdy.

12 december 2012 17312 december 2012 160



Drew loving every second of this…

12 december 2012 165

12 december 2012 17812 december 2012 177

12 december 2012 179



By the end of the night, Ethan was covered from head to toe in marshmallow!

12 december 2012 166

12 december 2012 175

12 december 2012 176



Sav~ neatly enjoying her sugary treat

12 december 2012 167



Sweet Ben and his Daddy

12 december 2012 18112 december 2012 183

12 december 2012 192



Baths tonight?

12 december 2012 184



Cheech and Chong (A & E)

12 december 2012 185




12 december 2012 19312 december 2012 196



Sneaking in for a bite Winking smile

12 december 2012 198



Its nights like these, in the midst of the crazy, busy, holiday season that Joe and I sit back and look at our little family~ with our hearts bursting with love. So blessed.

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Sarah G said...

Suz! You MUST try these with pb cups. YOu'll never go back to plain chocolate again. Just ya know, FYI. :)

Da young Neun said...

Looks delicious!

Frazzled-Razzle-RN said...

Oh my goodness those s'mores look yummy. My family and I live in Wisconsin with all the snow and cold you can handle for months. This summer we'll be moving to Texas and I wonder how different winter will be for our family??

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