Thursday, January 03, 2013

TRAIN Exhibit

When in Waco, we always hit up the Mayborn Museum…ESPECIALLY during their annual train exhibit!

Ethan, Savannah, Benjamin, Andrew

12 december 2012 19912 december 2012 201



Pretty sure these smiles couldn’t be any bigger! (Drew)

12 december 2012 207



My happy little men…

12 december 2012 21012 december 2012 212



Love this~ the smoke from the engine is encircling their heads as they stare in awe

12 december 2012 218



Several years ago, archeologists uncovered a huge Mammoth burial site in Waco, TX~ a herd of Mammoths became trapped during a flash flood and were stuck in mud. Baby Mammoth bones were found in the tusks of their Moms and Dads~ trying to hold them up to protect them. Pretty sad, yet incredible.


Here are the kiddos watching the brief video of what happened, as they lay across the preserved, giant Mammoth bones.

12 december 2012 224


Super cool.

12 december 2012 222



A wee bit of fun before heading home… (E, B, A)

12 december 2012 219



My crazy little elves….

12 december 2012 221



A scary crew, for sure!…

12 december 2012 226



Our little fam. XOXO (B, E, J, A, S, S)

12 december 2012 227

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Esther said...

Suz, I just can't get over the fact that your kiddos are always smiling! At least in the photos. Amazing. And such gorgeous kiddos (genetic, right?). And boy, they all seem to have lengthened so much- especially the boys. Definately no more toddlerish bodies...

Have a great day! Esther

Erin said...

I envy your daughter! She is a far better dresser than I will ever be and her hair is GORGEOUS!

decnic said...

Why do jeans make little boys look so much more grown up?! I always feel like mine looks older when he wears jeans!

Frazzled-Razzle-RN said...

What a lovely trip as a family together. I love the story of the Mammoths and seeing the kids sprawled out is an interesting way for them to learn.

Stormie's Mommy said...

I agree that Sav is a awesome dresser and has amazing hair! Love those boots please tell me where to find them for my little 5 year old! please let me know! :)

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