Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Butler Invitational 2012

My husband described “The Inaugural Butler Invitational at Butler Park” as the following: 12 december 2012 521-001

“A golf event that will become a life changing event for the winner and a stain in futility for those crushed by the hawk’s challenging undulation and manicured greens. Butler Park is one of Austin’s most luxurious golf clubs and also one of the most tradition filled courses in the area.” ~(joe)


Clayton and Jason~ 2 of Joe’s college roomies. Great dudes!

12 december 2012 522


“Ok, in all seriousness…Butler Park (pronounced Budlah Pahk) is an awesome pitch and putt course in Austin. If you think I'm kidding, there’s no way you’ve actually been. It’s glorious. You tee off astro turf matts (recently replaced…real nice), no hole is longer than 90 yards (all you need is 2 clubs), the greens aren’t much different than the “fairways” and the bunkers are overgrown grass bunkers (challenging is an understatement). “ ~(joe)


Dan’s hole-in-one!!!! Joe said that he and Dan sprinted all the way down the greens, yelling the whole time, arms in the air…didn’t know who was more excited~ Dan or Joe! It was so cute to see Joe get SOOOO excited for his bro. CONGRATS DANNY BOY!

12 december 2012 523



The trophy (not pictured) had duck tape and a toothpick golf club~ classy.

The winners of the tourney: Hud and T-Spell

12 december 2012 524


(Sidenote: Joe and Dan came in LAST place… I’m pretty sure they just started partying after the hole-in-one. Bwahahaha)



“So in the end, this place and this toonament was just a good excuse to get a good number of friends/family together over the holidays, play 18 holes of semi-golf and pretend like we’re playing for our own Masters green jacket. Yep, grown men playing in a pretend tournament. When you say it like that it doesn’t sound nearly as cool as it did in my head.” ~(joe)

12 december 2012 525



The kids hugging & congratulating Uncle Dan! LOVE IT!

12 december 2012 503



Wow. Just……wow, Dad. (in his $9 Goodwill Jacket with Iron-on Master’s patch)

12 december 2012 504



Dinner that night at the Hills with Grammy & Gramps…

12 december 2012 395



Aunt Dani and Uncle Dan

12 december 2012 396



Uncle Ed and Auntie Jess

12 december 2012 397



Me and my buddy

12 december 2012 398



Oh my gawsh. So, the joke of the entire day (and the next, for that matter)~ was that every conversation came back to Dan’s hole-in-one. Freaking hilarious. Love these guys.

My bro-n-laws: Dan and Ed.

12 december 2012 399



Photography by Savi:

12 december 2012 407


Next up: How we spent New Year’s Eve! SO much fun.

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aww what a great day :) Your family always seems to have so much fun :)

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