Monday, March 25, 2013

Ashley’s Mural for the Library

I am SO extremely proud of my super talented sister-in-law, Ashley, and her artistic abilities. She just finished this beautiful mural for the children’s section of the Woodland West Library in Arlington, Texas.

03 march 2013 104



We made her do this- haha. She is adorable.

03 march 2013 107



This weekend there was a big dedication of the new children’s library… we ate on some treats.




All of our kiddos were there to join in the celebration. Here is Kinley and Savi… always up to no good, these 2! SO much alike.




Sweet baby Sawyer, could he be any cuter???!!!




Ben playing in the kiddie area

















Gorgeous little kids! My beautiful nephews~ Carter and Sawyer




My BFFs. Seriously don’t know what I would do without Ash or Liz. They are my every day sanity. Love them so much. Ashely, we are so proud of you and your work!

03 march 2013 106


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Lainey-Paney said...

How wonderful!!!!

beth ewing said...

that's impressive!

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

OH wow!! Ashley is super talented!!

Barbara Manatee said...

That's amazing!!! She's so talented! What a joy to walk in there and see her artwork! Congrats to Ashley (and her boys are SO cute!)

Anonymous said...

Ashley, we really are so proud of you, and are amazed at your artistic talent. It covers the wall! My goodness! We had a great time at the library with you and the rest of the family....
Papa and Granna H.

LuAnn Braley said...

New follower via How cool is it to know the artist of a mural in the library! Your kids, their kids (I know I'm getting ahead of you there) etc etc will be able to look at that and point it out to their friends. And next time we're visiting the in-laws in Haslet, we'll make a trip to the library in Arlington to have a look up close and personal!

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