Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Day Out With Thomas 2013

Saturday morning, we had a T-ball game, then we drove straight to Grapevine, TX for a Day Out with Thomas the Train. It was a great surprise to the kids!

04 april 2013 198



Andrew, Ben, Ethan and Savannah

04 april 2013 197



playing around in the sand pit (insert Mom cringing)

04 april 2013 187



Hiding my black rings under my eyes… (Friday I worked a morning shift from 8:30-1p; a night shift from 7p-7a; went straight to the t-ball game Saturday morning, drove out to Grapevine immediately after the game and spent all day out and about until we came home at 5p! NUTS…)

04 april 2013 188



Awww…they DO get along sometimes!

04 april 2013 189



Drew grabbing Ethan in pure delight: “Ethan! Look at all of the trains!!!” (Ethan with a very serious, obsessed look on his face…’aint nobody got time for a hug when there are trains to be seen!)

04 april 2013 190



The kids are SO excited to get tattoos…hopefully we can curb that excitement for a very long, long time.

Sav and her Rosie (which is still on her face, going on Day 4 now… I promise we clean our kids)

04 april 2013 191



Drew and Thomas, of course…

04 april 2013 192



Ethan and Percy, naturally…

04 april 2013 193



And Ben? Well, Benny boy very politely  said, “No Thank You”… you see, he isn’t particularly fond of the idea of something semi-permanent being applied to his skin. Love that kid.



Kids and bubbles… its kinda unreal, right? The attraction never fades, from birth to like… well… I have no idea! We haven’t reached that point yet.

04 april 2013 194



Sav and I waived goodbye to those stinky boys…

04 april 2013 202



Dad, Ben, Ethan, Andrew

04 april 2013 200



…and found the nearest funnel cake stand!

04 april 2013 226




Somehow Ethan finagled the electronic train remote from one of the conductors… yah… we had to pry it out of his screaming hands when it was time to go! ha. Some things never change…

04 april 2013 204



Meanwhile, Mom and daughter just had to stop and get some froyo with as many toppings as we wanted...because on Girls’ Day, you can do whatever you want! (and because if Mom is cheating on her diet, she is most certainly going to make it count!)

04 april 2013 227



The Princess and her love for cotton candy!…

04 april 2013 228




and that was it for a Day out with Thomas!

04 april 2013 185


(Mom went home and promptly showered, then passed out until Sunday morning. ha!)

Good times!

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Dorette said...


Looks like a lovely family day out!

Just heard about the explosion in Waco and thought of you.

Hope your family and loved ones are safe! Praying for those affected all the way from South Africa.

jayme said...

i've read forever and ever but never really commented, but i saw the texas explosion craziness and know that either y'all or your parents live in waco so i just wanted to check that everyone is okay! thinking of you all!

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