Sunday, April 21, 2013

Silly Twin Boys

So, I’ve said before that Andrew Paul Steece is just a hilariously quirky kid that has Joe and me in tears every day. I took this photo the first day we had warm weather a couple of weeks ago.


We went to our neighborhood park… I glanced over and saw Drew, laying on the ground, grinning from ear to ear, covering himself with rocks.

Dude is from MARS! Cracks me up!!!

03 march 2013 068



And without saying a word, Ethan sees his identical twin bro from across the park, thinks that Drew is on to something spectacular here… and joins him… on the ground… covering himself with dirty rocks.

Both giggling like little goons… (and this goes on for like 10 minutes)

03 march 2013 069


This is Ethan & Andrew every single day of their lives.



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Penny said...

Your kiddos are too funny!
I want to ask you to please be in prayer for the Fairbanks family. They have a set of triplet boys, like your boys~ two are identical. The boys are in second grade in the school where i teach. Well, the non-identical little boy, Cam, was killed in a four-wheeler accident yesterday. I thought about you and how'd you'd understand the bond between these little fellows and you could pray for this family with that relationship in mind. There are also two young adult siblings struggling to accept this tragedy, also. the fairbanks family lives in jonesville, La. I know the family would deeply appreciate your prayers. Thanks!

Leire said...

I am already over 30 and I still really enjoy the feel of hot rocks in my hands or on my tummy.
:)I don't have a twin to share it with though!

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

just tooo adorable :) love it

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