Monday, April 29, 2013

Puerto Vallarta with BFFs

Joe and I just returned from an amazing 5 day, 4 night trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with our best friends (and fellow quad parents)~ the McNultys! We were both celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversaries.


It was absolutely PERFECT! and I have a billion pics, so I decided to break them up and post about each day.


Day 1.

Mom and Dad eagerly head to the airport while Auntie Liz begins her week long adventure of taking care of SIX KIDS! Amazing. Love her. ROCKSTAR! Aunt Ashley, and Papa & Granna also took turns with “the watching of the kids”. God bless. Couldn’t do it without them. Beyond blessed to have such incredible family and friends who made this trip possible.


Despite a super long delay (and plane malfunction), we were SO EXCITED to be starting our vacay! ~ especially since the DFW temps were in the 30’s and raining…

04 april 2013 277



…the traditional pic on the plane before the flight (Joe is always thrilled about these, heh heh. Hey, when you are married to Suz Steece, you have to put up with a TON of pictures! ha)

04 april 2013 278



OUR BESTIES!!! Conor and Gen…after a long night of flying from Cali. Love them.

04 april 2013 279



After an easy 2 hr 15 min flight, we arrived at our gorgeous Westin hotel. (The same place Joe and I honeymooned 10 years ago!)

Suz and Gen in the hotel lobby…

04 april 2013 280



The dudes checking us in… (and checkin’ us out, heh heh)

04 april 2013 281



The view from our balcony! So beautiful and green!

04 april 2013 282



I was taking a picture of our room when this madman jumped out of nowhere…love that crazy guy.

04 april 2013 283



A quick change and down to happy hour before heading out to the harbor.

04 april 2013 284



Yummy dinner on our first night at Paloma’s.

04 april 2013 285



Then we strolled along the marina and ended up at the lighthouse for sunset. Perfection.

04 april 2013 287



Incredible 360 views of the city

04 april 2013 295



Genny and Conrad

04 april 2013 291



Heyyyoooo… who brought this guy?…

04 april 2013 292



Me and my Genny Poo…

04 april 2013 288




ahhh, the first of many gorgeous sunsets over Puerto. I’m tellin’ y’all…best vacation EVER.

04 april 2013 289




Inside, looking up at the lighthouse….yep, that’s a lot of rickety steps to climb to the top! ~but SO worth it…

Mexico 2013 035




Nerd alert!…on our way back to the hotel.

Mexico 2013 040



Its funny, because as the pictures progress, we get darker and plumper. (or, at least I do!) haha. ~ signs of an awesome trip!

Winking smile

Next up~ Day 2 at the pool!

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Amber B. said...

So glad y'all got to go! Looks awesome!

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

aww what an amazing way to celebrate 10 wonderful years!! xoxo

Lisa said...

We also honeymooned in Puerto Vallarta and it was amazing! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

User name said...

You guys are adorable, seriously the parents and couple I to be strive one day.

Renae said...

Too funny, looks like you all had a great time.

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