Friday, May 31, 2013

End of School Gifts

Every year, I have the kiddos fill out a survey about their teachers. I take a picture of each child on the exact day that I am asking the questions. Then I put together little handmade cards and the teachers get a huge kick out of them! Super easy and VERY sentimental.




I have each child write his/her name at the bottom and draw a little something…




Half of the cards have a picture of the kids on the back (first day of school to last)…




…while the other half have an envelope with a gift card and personal note from Mom.


(In case that was confusing: Ethan & Sav have 2 teachers; Ben & Andrew have 2 teachers~ every teacher received a gift card)



While the kids were at school, I prepared a little something special for their return…




And later that evening, we had a big sleepover with our best buddies!



Notice the diva in the background behind the couch?… Yep, she was in timeout for stealing her brother’s ring pop, and then throwing it back at him when she was caught red handed. She popped up for this picture…huge grin on her face.

She is TROUBLE, I tell ya… T-R-O-U-B-L-E!


Happy Summer, Peeps!

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Anonymous said...

such a sweet mommie!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! What questions do you ask the kids about their teachers?

Anonymous said...

What a cute and unique idea!!! What kind of giftcards do you get and approx what amount do you think is appropriate to send? I have 4 kids ( not quads) and would love to do something similar for their teachers, but have no clue how much to give for giftcards? Thanks for sharing your creativity!


Cady said...

That is such an awesome idea!

Tracey N said...

I am a PreK Teacher and I can honestly say that a gift like that is something we teachers treasure. You are wonderful to have your children make cards like that for their teachers. It is so meaningful to have drawings and comments from our dear students.

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

aww that is such a sweet idea :) thanks for sharing!! xoxo

Elise said...

Love this idea, thank you for sharing!

decnic said...

Thank you for the great idea!

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