Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Another ER trip for Sav

Yesterday started off like any other summer-fun-day-Monday…


The kids ran errands with Mom---acquired some moving boxes (and yes, Sav buckled before I began driving)




They received a package from Grammy in the mail… GOGGLES! And instantaneously morphed into quadling superheroes…




Later that evening, after cleaning out closets & the entire garage (I threw this in there to let you know how sweaty and gross I was), and helping the kiddos save the world from imminent danger…

I was on the phone trying to make another hospital payment from Sav’s 20+ hospital visits/surgeries (it’s a never-ending bill, folks)…

I couldn’t hear a thing, so I sent all of the kids outside with Dad who was grilling…


All of a sudden Sav starts screaming (like she had been doing all day---fighting with her brothers, nothing new)…I was furious. The lady could not hear a word I was saying! I promptly kicked Sav outside.


Joe thought she had gotten in trouble for fighting yet again and told her to be quiet. It wasn’t until he saw the brothers getting Sav paper towels and tending to her cries (aww) that he noticed she was bleeding from her ear!!!
















Apparently, she had been sprinting through the living room, tripped, and fell head first into the corner of a barstool. (EXACT same scenario from her last ER trip about a year ago with a facial laceration). Yep, she’s graceful, folks…


We were sent from (1) a Care Now clinic, to (2) a pediatric emergency clinic to (3) finally Cook Children’s Emergency Room (I was trying to avoid the hospital ER at all costs---knowing it would be a 5 hour endeavor at least!).


LONG DAY.  (6:00pm to 12:30am)


The outside pinna of her ear was almost completely severed off. Ewww. Sav getting stitched up. 10 stitches to be exact.




While at the hospital, Sav made sure to tell every person she came into contact with that she: (1) had 3 brothers; (2) was a quadruplet; and (3) that I was a nurse. Her banter with the child life specialist and medical staff had me dying laughing. Definitely her Daddy’s little girl. Hilarious.


She was so brave. I just kept sitting there thinking how much she has grown in the last year. She didn’t fight the nurses or scream. I was so proud of her!


Sav’s quiet sobs, broke my heart. Her poor pitiful face and puffy eyes make her look 2 years old in this pic. Sweet baby girl.



Beautiful stitch job, as always~ Cook Children’s wound care team rocks my socks off!



Little Miss Priss scored a rainbow popsicle…by this time it was 11:45pm. Exhausted.




I promised her a treat of any kind at the ole Café on our way out. I just love this picture! She’s so proud.




My daughter will always and forever remain MY HERO.


Love her.

(but seriously Sav… NO MORE HOSPITAL TRIPS!)

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mon said...

ouchie, poor little thing ! maybe you should open your own ER at your house... OR NOT !

Mary said...

That poor little sweetie! Hope she's feeling better! Moving boxes? Did I miss something?

Mary said...

That poor little sweetie! Hope she's feeling better! Moving boxes? Did I miss something?

Renae said...

Awww, poor baby! Glad you were able to get her to the DR to get her ear stitiched up good.

Amber B. said...

She is most definitely tough. Poor girl!! Glad she has such an awesome momma to get her through the injuries!

Jessica said...

That's what Hayley did at school this year. Never a dull moment. Prayers your way.

Anonymous said...

Moving boxes?????

Missi said...

Where was the warning? No seriously, my son passed out one morning & fell face first in our hall. He didn't hit his nose. He did however manage to scrap under his nose & chin. It looked awful. Then a couple months later he ran outside to get the newspaper & tripped & managed to scrap the end of his big toe. No ER visits were required.

I'm glad she's okay! Poor thing.

Island Baby said...

Poor Savi ! I'm impressed she didn't get any blood on her pretty shirt!

HoundDogMom said...

Ouch, I don't think I would have been as brave as that sweet thang. It amazes me it is always her that is the one to be so rough and tough and the boys just cruise on through. Love your kids. Sherri

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

OMG that is awful :( Poor you and poor Sav!! Huge hugs! glad that she is OK!!

Kara whitington said...

Not sure how close you are to Cook's Northeast Hospital, but it is AWESOME! They have a wound care tech most of the times.

beth ewing said...

poor girl. glad she's ok. but the best part of this story for me was that her brothers were getting paper towels to soak up the blood. how sweet and protective are they.

asplashofsunshine said...

She's just introducing you to the rest of the medical community for the countless visits her brothers will make in their teen years. She's making sure you're buddies with every doc and nurse! :)

Anonymous said...

why do you need moving boxes

Mackenzie said...

I love that her brothers took care of her. That is sibling love in the mist of fighting all day. And not bad parents. Just normal like the rest of the population. =)

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