Thursday, June 06, 2013

The End of T-ball

Last week was our last T-ball game. Sad smile We are definitely going to miss it!


Savi at catcher~ SO cute! (I took lots of video, so I don’t really have any pictures of this game)

05 may 2013 246



So apparently our kids have been watching a bit too much “Sandlot”. When Ethan steps up to bat, it is freaking hilarious! I do not exaggerate. He puts on quite the little show!

You have to watch this quick video!

Ethan at bat


Several things…

- he does this little pre-swing routine, EVERY SINGLE TIME at bat

- it typically involves a look back at Mom in the dugout out with a big grin and a thumbs up or a wave

- in this particular clip, E is constantly looking at Auntie Liz (behind the camera)

- I LOVE that he does all this, and completely whiffs on the first swing!




Last team huddle with Coach Franklin

05 may 2013 248



The Mighty Green Knights! We had such a blast this season. Great coaches (I’m partial to the curly headed guy), great kids, & great parents.

05 may 2013 250



The team post-partied at Chuck-E-Cheese! Coach Franklin passed out the trophies.

05 may 2013 251



The kiddos were SO excited!

Ben and his big smile!

05 may 2013 252



Andrew is BEAMING! Lol

05 may 2013 254



Of course sweet little Ethan went in for the bro-hug.

05 may 2013 256




05 may 2013 257



Beautiful Sav and her trophy- so proud!

05 may 2013 259



Time for games! Sierra and Savi~ the only 2 girls on the team. They were an awesome duo on defense! So fun to watch…

05 may 2013 261



Sierra walked back to the tables with this in her hands and we all just about died laughing! OMG! Awesomeness. Sad that all of these tickets probably equaled one tiny piece of gum. LOL. Gotta love arcades…

05 may 2013 263



LOVE these 2 ladies! The dugout Moms. We OWNED that dugout and worked our tails off each game!

Beth, me, and Robyn

05 may 2013 262


Thank you so much to everyone who made this season an absolute blast!

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lisa lyle said...

That video was so stinking cute! And obviously the warmup worked because did you see that (2nd!) HIT!

MK said...

OMG, that video is hilarious! How funny!!!

kelly w said...

my favorite part of the video is that no one on the field is paying the LEAST bit of attention to him :) they must be used to his "routine"...that was precious!

Candice said...

Oh my gracious - that is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I swear, you have the funniest and cutest kids ever!

Barbara Manatee said...

oh my! I totally laughed out loud as he swung finally! Hope he had fun and didn't get discouraged with the miss!

My boys just started their tball season. My 6 year old has played before and is SERIOUS about the game (I kinda feel bad I had him play tball again and not regular ball) but its our 4 year old's first time. So funny to watch them all scramble around the field!

Liz said...

That video is so stinkin' awesome!! Mind if I share the cuteness?

Chris said...

Just stumbled across your blog while researching Metabolism Miracle and I'm loving it! You have a beautiful family!

Just wondering if you are still following MM diet? How's it going? About to start my journey!


Olusola said...

Now that's the cutest warm-up video ever :)

Anonymous said...

the video is absolutely hilarious and too stinkin' cute!!

Anonymous said...

I just had to share that I was eating a snack while reading your blog. I about choked and cried at the same time during that video, so, so funny!

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