Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Y’all…I cannot buleeeeeev it! We officially have 4 kids in Kindergarten! (Ben, Sav, Ethan, & Drew)

08 August 2013 186

(I mean, seriously?!!!!!! E, A, B, S)



It was a fairly easy morning…no major meltdowns. Mom had a nice big protein packed breakfast and lunches already made for the week. The kiddos all took showers and got dressed without a ton of direction…(or repetition for that matter) I was shocked!


I LOVE these backpacks from Papa & Granna and lunch bags from Aunt Ashley and Uncle Col… LOVE. (even if they seem to swallow these little tots!)

08 August 2013 187



I cannot say enough nice things about this school, the Principal, the counselor, the teachers…this Mama is beyond impressed!

08 August 2013 188



Awww… last year the kids automatically grabbed hands as they walked into preschool. It was such a cute pic that I decided to recreate it every year! (They are going to hate me when they are 13! tee hee)

08 August 2013 189-003



Sav getting situated in her class (I ordered her adorable school dress off of Etsy)…

08 August 2013 19208 August 2013 193


Sav walked right in… all smiles, confident as ever. Watch out, world!

08 August 2013 194



There were buckets of Kleenex outside of every classroom~ cracked me up!

08 August 2013 19908 August 2013 208



One down, 3 more to go. Next up~ Ben!

08 August 2013 19608 August 2013 197


Ben~ typically my anxious guy (who has been telling me for the past 2 weeks that he was “scauewud” , aka: “scared”, to go to Kindergarten) plopped right down and started playing with the table toys.

08 August 2013 198



2 down, 2 to go. Next up, Ethan!

08 August 2013 201



Ebud, my little cuddle bug, is always very timid in new surroundings. (Fun fact: he has always been the ONLY kid who ever needs a hug from Mama before I leave) He was pretty nervous this day…

08 August 2013 202



Just wook at that pitifuwl widdle face! (he is about to crack a smile there…) I won’t lie~ it was hard leaving him after those puppy dawg eyes.

08 August 2013 203



Last, but definitely not least~ Drew! Night and day difference between Andrew and Ethan.

08 August 2013 20408 August 2013 20508 August 2013 206



He bounced right down and waved good-bye with his big grin!

08 August 2013 207



I’m SOOOOO glad that Joe came with me. People would stop me in the hallway and ask~ “How are you doing, Mom?! I can’t imagine doing this with 4! I’m a mess with only ONE!”…


I guess it was a good thing that I was distracted and on a mission. It took a good 30 minutes to drop off all 4 kids in their separate classrooms! I was completely WIPED OUT after that! Emotionally, physically… like sweating, y’all…


I thought for sure I would cry…but I didn’t. As I was leaving, I just let out a huge sigh and felt really sick to my stomach~ it was in knots! (Like when I had to leave all 4 kids in the NICU and return home without them). I was pretty much bummed out all day.


I mean, to completely give up all control and leave your 4 precious babies with “strangers”~ expecting them to keep the kids safe from harm… UGH. Hard stuff, y’all…


The funny part is that I met up with Ashley, Liz and their kids at McDonalds later that morning! A mom, finally without her loud & crazy quads, choosing to spend her first morning-o-freedom in a freakishly loud play area at Mickey D’s, no less!


The house has been SOOOOO eerily quiet all week. I am shocked that it is taking some time to get used to. It will probably be MUCH easier once I work a night shift and drop the kids off at school. Hey, I just might actually get some sleep for once!!! That is exciting! heh, heh


Above all, it has been such a neat thing to look back over our summer and reflect on all that has happened. Joe and I keep talking about how amazing God’s timing has been with everything. We know, without a doubt, that we are exactly where He wants us to be and it is such an incredibly peaceful feeling. (that’s not to say that there wasn’t many a “freak out session” had by both of us throughout the entire process!)

But we love our new house.

We love our new school. 

We love our little family.

We are beyond blessed.

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Melissa said...

Aw look at them! So sweet!! And I love reading your posts, your love and devotion to them (from you and Joe) just is so obvious! So wonderful to read!

ChelseaSalomone said...

Hi Suz!!! Been reading your blog for years and years, watched the quad show etc. ha! Just want to leave you a little note and tell you how wonderful Little is. I went there (back in the day!) and my mom is actually a teacher there and has been for years and years. I actually have a good friend whose daughter is in Mrs. B's class, as long as several of the teacher's kids/grandkids as I'm sure you know. All the teachers there are just so nice and I can't say that enough. The teachers rarely leave and that says a lot. I am actually a former kinder teacher myself so it was fun to read your perspecive as a parent too. Good luck this year to you and the quads!

Shannon said...

I went to Little for Kinder and loved it. I'm sure they will too. Great school! I have read your blog from the beginning. I can't believe they are this old already!

Lisa and Ryan said...

Hi Suz! Well, I could just copy what Chelsea said above! I've been reading your blog now for a while (never commented!) and I have a daughter similar in age to your quads (she is 6 but just started first grade). I went to Little as well and just have the absolute best memories from that school! I would love for my kids to have gone there but we live in Kansas now! We are Aggies I enjoy reading all about you and your kids adventures! Take care- hope Kinder goes great for the kids!

Lisa S. said...

They are so adorable! My boys went to Little, too. Loved the school and loved volunteering there. I see Mrs. Carmona is still working there. Her youngest son was in my son's class and they played baseball together. Hope the kiddos have a fantastic year!

~Amber~ said...

Oh my goodness. I have followed your blog since before these sweet babies were born, and I am BAWLING at them starting school. Reading this made me feel as if it were my niece and nephews starting school. I am beyond happy for this new journey in your lives!!!

Katie said...

Love this! I can guarantee Ethan is in wonderful hands (well, they all are). I've known Mrs. C for my entire 30 years of life :)

Natasha said...

I don't comment here much but I'm a faithful reader and love to see updates on you and your fam! This is a weird thing to say, but I'm kinda "proud" of you both as parents for putting your multiples in different classrooms! I don't understand why parents wouldn't do that... It really lets your children be their "own" people, with their "own" friends, when the biggest influences in their lives (you two) are the people they have to share. Hope you have a great school year! Good luck :)

Da young Neun said...

poor Ethan with that sweet face :)

Anonymous said...

I just have to comment on the previous commenter that some parents choose to keep their multiples together in the same classroom and some choose to separate - neither is necessarily wrong - they can still be individuals - it depends on the children and I just had to say something because every parent has the right to choose what is best for their children without someone else making them feel it is wrong. I choose to keep my twins (boy/girl) together because it works best for them.

Alissa said...

Adorable! Such big kids in school now - they look so sweet! Enjoy some time to yourself now, Suzanne.

Leialoha said...

Hey Suz, I am new to your blog. I started reading from the pregnancy of your babies and jumped years ahead to the present. I am also new to the blogging world and was wondering how you made those "scrapbook" photos of your children at the top of this post. I have twin boys and love this idea.

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