Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Little Rascals

Last week was Meet the Teacher and boy do we have some good ones!!! (4 to be exact!)

Sav and Mrs. Jones

08 August 2013 160



So proud!

08 August 2013 161



Ben and Mrs. Baty

08 August 2013 162



So excited!

08 August 2013 163



Ethan giving his teacher the drawing he made for her

08 August 2013 164



Ethan and Mrs. Caudill

08 August 2013 165



E’s classroom is decked out in green frogs so he was in heaven!

08 August 2013 166




Drew and Mrs. Poage08 August 2013 167



So happy!

08 August 2013 168



A family photo…well, because we don’t take enough

08 August 2013 169




Mom and Dads’ Little Rascals! (Drew making a funny face per Dad’s suggestion, ha)

08 August 2013


The 1st Day of school was yesterday and the kids LOVED it! Super cute pics coming soon…

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Anonymous said...

That must be a really big school for them to be in different classrooms! Looks like it's gonna be a good year :-)

the kriegels said...

Ms. Poage used to live on my street and go to my church growing up! Hope they have a great year!

Barbara Manatee said...

How exciting! My two start 1st grade next week, too! They are looking forward to it (also in different classes.)

Where did you get Sav's dress from? Its so cute. My daughter loves cute, soft dresses but as she gets older, its harder to find them! (She's up to 7/8s).

Anonymous said...

What about the boys shirts?! (Where did you get them ;-)
I have 3 and always want coordinating but not matching !
Your babies are so cute ...what a fantastic and brave mama they have !!!

ashley said...

I was wondering how you made the decision to put them in different classrooms? I have triplets in Pre-K (identical boys & a girl) and had planned on putting them in separate classrooms in Kindergarten - but I keep second guessing myself. Was just wondering if you ever considered them being in the same class? And if they were in the same class in preschool? (mine are).




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