Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Merry Christmas from our New House!

I really haven’t posted many pictures from our new house. We are still trying to figure out where everything goes and whatnot. I always LOVE decorating for Christmas, so I thought I’d show you what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks. (and so I will be able to reference where I put everything for next year! ha)


My new Christmas wreath (The Decorator’s Warehouse)




LOVE LOVE LOVE this giant Nutcracker that Grammy is letting us borrow! There are sparkles in his beard. He is absolutely beautiful.




Our entryway…




The door frames are lined with ribbon and I clip all of our Christmas cards up. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE looking at photo Christmas cards when I walk into someone’s house.




The entryway hutch




Our nativity scene (We have had to move furniture around to fit the tree in our living room)




Our living room tree. Kinda bummed that we don’t have a mantle anymore, but found this cute stocking holder at Kirklands.




Our kitchen




Love this built-in hutch! Perfect for all of my Christmas platters.




My kitchen tree, full of kitchen-y ornaments.




I LOOOOVE being able to look out of my kitchen when I cook. I have windows everywhere. (In our last house, the kitchen was located at the very back)




See our Texas ice/snow? Everything shuts down around here for 1/2” of snow and ice. Gotta love it!




The dining room





Table centerpiece




Our dining room tree




The kiddie tree in the front room




ADORE this new addition! Isn’t he cute?! (The Decorator’s Warehouse)




Side table in the front room




Oops…how did Buddy our elf sneak in here?…




We’ve been ice’d in our house the last couple of days…the kids have had a BLAST! (Sav, E, Drew, Ben)




DFW Icemaggedon 2013!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Winking smile (A, S, B, E)




S, B, E, A




Warming our little toesies by the fire




Our trees after Daddy put together the oh-so-important choo-choo trains (He was only asked about 423,991,561 times by 3 little boys)



(Did you catch the show on the TV?…Yep, best Christmas movie EVERRRR)


Hope you and yours are staying nice and warm this holiday season!

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HoundDogMom said...

Your home is just so beautiful. Love all your decorations. That snowman topper is awesome pawsome. I also just love to see all the southern folk in the snow/ice you guys are all so "happy" and us northern folk are like, this stuff sucks, bring on the summer. LOL Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. Sherri

Anonymous said...

Love your kitchen color. Do you remember the name of the color? Your Christmas decorations are adorable.
Thanks, Alissa

Chelley N said...

I love all of your trees! So fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi can you tell me where you got your stocking holder? my co worker just moved into a new home with no mantle and she has 6 in her family.


Suzanne said...

Hi anon- kirklands!

Alissa said...

LOVE decorating ideas - your house looks fantastic all decked out! Have you ever checked out Houzz? - ohhh...so many great decorating photos to browse there! Happy holidays to your family and thanks so much for sharing your blog with all of us - such fun!

Barbara Manatee said...

Your home is lovely, especially with all the holiday decor! I love the snowman tree topper! how fun! The wreath on the door is awesome, too!

I love to see all our Christmas cards on display, too. Last year, the kitchen walls, where we usually display our cards, was freshly painted so we didn't hang them up and I hated not seeing them all season. This year, we hung string and did something similar to you and I'm so happy to see them all again! The kids love checking the mail and seeing who the new cards are from and my Daughter loves hanging them up :-)

Cyndi J said...

Where have u been ?
Missing your updates and hoping all is well !

Anonymous said...

Another one whom is missing your updates hope all is ok. Marie

Anonymous said...

Hoping all is well. Looking forward to your next update!

Anonymous said...

Missing the updates hope everything is ok.

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