Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Baseball and Egg Huntin’

We had such a FUNtastic Easter weekend with our family!

We started it off with some bunny cupcakes, peanut butter/chocolate cookies, and homemade carrot cake~ YUMMMM…




We were SOOOO happy to have Grampy and Grammy come spend the weekend with us! They were able to see their grandquads in action on the tball field. And what a sight to see! (ha)




Ethan scored the game ball! Look how happy he was… so cute.




l guess Sav and Ethan have “made up” since their last game…




After the game we drove into Dallas to hang out with Uncle Ed, Aunt Jess, and Jess’s parents! I was stuck in the back with the tweedles. (Drew, Mom, Ethan)


Sad thing about this picture… after I took it, Drew said, “Mom~ it is hard for me to tell which one is me.” I told him to guess and he got it wrong. I asked Ethan to point himself out and HE got it wrong! I asked Ben & Sav to tell the identicals apart in the picture and they both got it right, without hesitation. So, don’t feel bad if you cannot tell them apart! They can’t even tell THEMSELVES apart!



Aunt Jess and her Mom had arranged an Easter egg hunt for the kiddies! We LOVE our Aunt Jess!!! (A, S, E, B)




Hilarious…my little baseball players huntin’ for eggs. (They are numbered in birth order)




…continued into the backyard! LOVE the new patio edition to their house! SO cozy.




Murphy dog LOVES Savannah. He thinks she is his own personal play pal. Its adorable.




As if we hadn’t had enough candy--- the egg huntin’ continued when we got back to our house, courtesy of G & G! (E, S, B, A)




Grammy photo bomb!!!




…and they’re off!




Little E proud of his find…




of course Miss Priss found the GRAND PRIZE egg with $5! (the stipulation was that whomever finds the grand prize egg has to spend that $ on their siblings!)




Uh oh, the cRaZy is setting in! Sugar overload…




Drew~ exploring his loot!




Ethan rummaging through his eggs…




Sweet Ben ready to check out his stuff!




Savi and Grammy lovin’ it up




Wow…could Drew’s smile BE any BIGGER?!!?! Love it.




Gotta admit, Mama was more excited about the new clothes!!! Woo Hoo!



Thanks Grammy & Grampy for making this weekend SOOOO special! We love you. Aunt Jess~ you are adorable!!! The egg hunt was a blast.


Stay tuned for Easter Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

I love the color coded shoe laces on the cleats!!!

Anamarie Rebori said...

Hi Suz,

First off, I love your blog! Such an adorable family. Secondly, and this might seem like an odd question, but did your brother-in-law and sister-in-law get their dog from a shelter in the Dallas-area? I ask, because I live in Washington, D.C., but my fiance and I adopted our dog from a shelter in Dallas and at the time they had a whole litter of puppies and Murphy looks exactly like our dog Piper! My fiance's parents live in Dallas and they actually adopted Piper for us. Just thought I was ask because I can't believe how much they look alike.



Renae said...

Happy Easter! Looks like the kids had a great time.

Chelley N said...

That is HILARIOUS that A and E can't tell themselves apart! I've followed your blog since just before the quads were born, and I still can't tell them apart in pics . . . now I don't feel so bad!

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I am a long time reader who enjoys seeing your sweet family grow. I wonder if perhaps the twins see each other and identify themselves as the other twin because that's who they see and assume they are exactly like that, so they identify a photo of their brother as themselves?? Who knows? I think identical twins are fascinating.


Lisa Beiler said...

As usual, your family does holidays like no other! Love the pictures. The boys are so handsome and Sav is gorgeous! Mom and Dad look great too!

Lisa Beiler said...

As usual, your family celebrates holidays like no other. I wish blogging, and the internet had been around when my kids were growing up. The boys are so handsome, and Sav is gorgeous! Mom and Dad look great too. Thanks for sharing.

Hasarubbersoul said...

I now find it pretty easy to tell the identicals apart - they smile very differently!! Even when Ethan is not in green and Drew is not in blue I can usually tell :)

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