Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter ‘Funday’ Sunday!

The kiddos were downstairs bright and early on Easter morning.




Love this sweet little grin on Drewster…




Ethan was super excited about an angry bird filled with candy… (it’s the little things, people…)




Benny looks like he is still asleep! Ha. Me too, bud… me too…




Sister has been asking for Easy Bake refills for a good 4 months now…glad the Easter Bunny could oblige her.




Got the whole crew ready and out the door for church (on time, gasp!)




Easter egg hunt #3 for the quadlings! Sav took off, leading the pack, to the area with the most eggs. Does this surprise anyone???




My handsome little Boo…




Tweedle Drew (L) and Tweedle E (R)




Mama’s little princess (we used our wedding outfits from Uncle Ed and Aunt Jess’s wedding last October~ score!)




My adorable nephew Sawyer




Precious nephew Carter!




The obligatory family pic! (Dad, A, B, E, S, Mom)




A, B, S, E




Of course Dad made them make funny faces. Andrew looks like he is… well, use your imagination. (*shaking my head)








Now, here are a ton of pics…the predictable Easter pics with those that I love…




Savannah~ stealing a hug from one of our favorites! We ADORE Peggy and Larry!




This crazy guy! (Drew) I’m trying to mimic his silly smile.




Every week, Sav turns in a prayer request for someone… this was Easter Sunday’s Prayer:


“To: Granna. I hope you do not get cancer again. Love you. Savannah.”

(I HATE that my kids even know what cancer IS…but what an absolutely beautiful prayer. Sav is a feisty broad, but she can definitely melt your heart sometimes.)



Apparently all of the Easter festivities wore. them. out. Because this is what I saw on our way home from church in the rear view mirror…


Yes folks, that would be Savannah~ asleep and face planting into the bucket. They were all so exhausted! Haha…



But it didn’t stop there! We hosted everyone for a yummy family lunch. Not gonna lie- I make a pretty dern good carrot cake from scratch.




Bribing the cousins with a mandatory group photo, before handing out Papa & Granna’s Easter presents…




This girl is full of personality, in case you ever wondered…




Sweet Ben and his “egg pillow”




My adorable little nephews…




More candy…just what Savannah needs. Yay.





The look I give my Dad when he shoves a camera in my face…




Sugar ‘em up… wear ‘em out.




We had such a wonderful Easter weekend with our family.

Heart overfloweth.

Red heart

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Pam said...

You have such an adorable family, thank you for sharing your pictures from this special holiday. I think about the years from now when they will look back at these pictures, you know when they are grown....I laugh at ours...sometimes I you really let us go to church looking like that! But, yours will look back and say "my mom was the best, was always look so cool!" because they are always dress so cute! All of! A friend in East Texas, Pam!

Jenny said...

That prayer request note brought tears to my eyes. You have such a beautiful family. On a MUCH lighter note - you are always so tan and have such a glow. Do you use anything at home or are you just super lucky? ;)

Suzanne said...

Hahaha sweet jenny! Thank you. And no ma'am- it's called being part Cherokee! My kids turn deep mahogany in the summer as well! ;)

Kaia said...

The little dudes sure are looking dapper in those suits--love them!

Anonymous said...

Cute kids! I love there outfits and that prayer! So sweet! I am DYING laughing at Sav's picture with her egg pillow!! HAHA!! So cute!

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