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Quad Mom Trip 2014~ Suz’s House!

I had the extraordinary honor of hosting the annual Quad Mom Trip for 2014! Thank God for amazing grandparents and friends. I kicked the kids out, Joe out…even the DOG out of the house!


This was Shi, chillaxin in my Mom’s car after dropping off the quads in Waco.




Here are the adorable little mini-mason-jars that I painted for the girls! They turned out pretty cute (considering I had never tried to paint glass before…). The colors and anchors matched the shirts that were made for the trip.




Picked the girls up from the airport and immediately hit the pool! I love these chicks so much. We always pick up right where we left off.

(in the back: Amy-Jo, Suz; in the front L to R:  Mari, Gen, Sandra, Jac, Kami, and Moni)




Gen and Sandra




AJ and Moni




Jac and Mari




Thursday evening, we celebrated our annual Quad Mom birthday party! Since we miss being together for each other’s birthdays throughout the year, we have one massive party and do a Chinese gift exchange. SO. MUCH. FUN!

Here is what each gal ended up with…

06 June 20141



Friday morning and afternoon was more pool time! I made Joe take a pic on his lunch break, then promptly kicked him out again.

Winking smile

(Gen, Moni, Mari, Jac, Suz, Kami, Sandra)




Friday night, we hit up the Levitt Pavilion in Arlington for some free live music and good times! We had a blast! (especially Kami…tee hee)

Sandra and Jac~ supporting the Texas A&M Aggies. Jac kept going on and on about how much she LOVED these chairs and how maroon is the most beautiful color. I agree, Jac!

Winking smile




Mari and I getting photobombed by some crazy chick in the background…




Oh wait, she’s my Genny Poo… McNuTTY




My soul sistas. (Yep- I just typed “sistas”)

(Jac, Kami, Moni, Sandra, Mari, Suz, Gen)




We had BEAUTIFUL Texas weather…wasn’t too hot yet.

Suz, Mari, and Gen




Meanwhile… Drew lost a tooth at Papa and Granna’s house. There was some talk about the tooth fairy leaving a $20, just for “fun”… all I’m saying~ is that Mom & Dad might have had “words” with the ‘ole tooth fairy, if that had happened! Ha..




While the quads were playing in Waco (and then on to Austin with Grammy and Grampy’s for the weekend)… Shiloh was having a gay old time with her BFF, Sadie, at the Tarrant twins house. Don’t they look like they are having a blast?!!?!? Love those girlie girls. (I DIED laughing when Liz texted me this pic)




Saturday, we did a little shopping and relaxing---then I took the ladies to Joe T. Garcia’s in Fort Worth. (It was an obvious choice for these out-of-towners).

(Moni and Gen)




Lots of kids represented here!




Mari, Suz and Gen





We had such a great night laughing and chatting. We slept in Sunday morning… it was rainy and perfect. I enjoyed the last few hours of silence before my rowdy crew came home. It was fun getting to watch my kids love on their quad momma aunties.

Sav and Sandra




Jac and Ben




Me and my Ebud




We dropped off the gals at the airport, but got to hang on to Auntie Gen for one more night! One last lunch before taking her to the airport.

Gen and Sav




Love her SOOOOOO much! (Check out the crazies in the mirror)

Drew, Ethan, Gen, Sav, Ben……………..Suz and Joe



Such a great week and weekend!!!! Thank you so much to all of the friends and family of ALL OF OUR KIDS, around the states, who helped make it possible. QM2015 is already in the works and we are hoping that all 16 of us are able to make it!


Such a special bond we share! It warms my heart to see other moms of multiples making memories and having trips of their own! I encourage all of you, whether: childless, MULTIPLE kids, married, single, etc… find a group of women, with whom you can relate to, and make time for each other. Its good for the soul!

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Amber B. said...

Having had our own quad mom trip for the first time this year, I can understand how amazing these special days are! Looks like an awesome weekend!

Pam said...

Good to see these ladies since some of them no longer blog....would love for them to do an "update" on their blogs....hint hint....:)Looks like a good time was had by all. Your friend in East Texas, Pam!

Barbara Manatee said...

Love hearing about these gatherings! I can only imagine how fun and special the time together is! Thanks for sharing Suz!

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud for several minutes at the photo bomb in the last picture. Hilarious!

Jaclyn N Lil M said...

OMG I am dying laughing at your last pic with you and Joe in the mirror!! Glad you had a great time with your gal pals! Always important to have some "me" time with gals you connect with!! Great pics :)

Liz said...

So funny. After all these years of reading your blog, I was picking out the moms in the pic because I recognize them from previous years of quad mama get togethers! Thank you for sharing your life!

Da young Neun said...

that last pic though! hahaha

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