Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Steece Quads 7th BDay Pool Party!

I cannot believe that my teenie tiny little preemies just turned SEVEN YEARS OLD!!!!

(Drew, Ethan, Sav, Ben)




Drew, Sav, Ethan, and Ben




Here are some pics of the party decorations. I loved personalizing the inner tubes: Drew, Est. 8-1-07 @ 3:47, etc.




Gotta love Pinterest! My BFF Liz helped me set everything up. Love her. SHE is a true LIFE SAVER. Smile




The Lemonade and Water stand…




If adults are required to endure a 7-year-old birthday party, outside at the end of summer, in Texas, with 40+ kids running around screaming~ some “21+ Punch” might make things a little more “enjoyable/bearable/worth while”

 Winking smile




Ready for our buddies to arrive! (Drew, Sav, Ethan, and Ben)




We pulled out the trusty old bounce house that we’ve had since the kids were babies! (Best purchase ever, btw). We have used it and lent it out SO many times. Funny how small the bounce house seems know that the kids are significantly bigger in size!




We had our pavement area set up with riding toys, hula hoops, sidewalk chalk, and our Step 2 roller coaster.




We hired an AWESOME balloon artist who goes by the name “Stretch” from Clowing Around!! Think Santa on a Harley Davidson motorcycle with a “Balloon Commander” shirt. He was hilarious and SO good with the kids. His balloons were incredible.




How cute is my widdle nephew




…and then of course, we had to put our pool to good use! (This day marked the one year anniversary that we moved into the house~ very cool to celebrate with friends and fam)




Ben and his BFF, Joe…aren’t they cute?!




When planning this pool party, the first thing I did was secure a lifeguard/pool monitor or I would have been stressed out to the max! Thanks Jessica!




The kids had an absolute blast!













Sav- healthy plate-o-food there, girlfriend…




The Steece men were in charge of grillin’ the dawgs…

Dan, Ed, and Joe




Granna chattin’ it up with Aunt Jess




My precious sis-in-law and her mini-me, Sawyer




My bro, Granna and Papa trying to stay cool in the shade




We lured the kiddies out of the pool for a group pic & cupcakes!




Sang Happy Birthday to the quadlings…




and then handed out cupcakes (that I begrudgingly did not bake myself…)




As the kiddos were leaving, they could pick out their very own beach ball to take home…




I know, I know…super cheese…but I like it.




Liz and Chris about to pass out from sheer exhaustion…these 2 were amazing and worked their tails off to help us get ready for this party.




The little princess opened up some of her presents and magically transformed into an arrow shootin’ Elsa meets Katniss/Merida.



Such a GREAT day! Thank you SO much to all who have blessed our lives, especially over these last 7/8 years.

And to all of you, bloggie friends, who have been following our story from afar~ just wanted to say thank you for all of your love.

Happy Birthday, babies. So proud to be your Mama.

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Chelley N said...

Very cute party theme!

I've been reading your blog since right before you had your kiddos . . . I can't believe it's been 7 years!!! I seriously though to myself, "is that right?" As if you wouldn't know, ha!

Barbara Manatee said...

Looks so fun! What a smart Mama to hire a lifeguard! Super cute theme - hope they had a blast!

Happy Birthday to your 4!

Nurse Dee said...

Just wanted to be the VERY first (I think) to wish these kiddos a very happy birthday (belated now)... they're are uber adorable and I know you're super proud of them. It looked like a lot of work but it's awesome that you have such a great support system to help out! Congrats though, it's not easy to raise them but they sure do provide us with happiness!

Amber B. said...

What a great party! Looked like sooo much fun! Good job mama :)

Pam said...

Wow, you just have it so together! Looks like an awesome party and your children are just so blessed to you you'll as their parents and you'll to have them of course too! I can't believe they are seven! Time has just gone by so fast! Remember me saying I couldn't wait to be a grandmother, now I have three and another on the way! You give me such good ideas to pass along to my children! Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday Andrew, Ethan, Ben and Savannah! A friend in East Texas, Pam.

Kathie said...

When I started reading your post I thought, I'd be a nervous wreck with all those children around the pool! Then I see you hired a lifeguard...you think of everything! Such a cute party theme!!

beth ewing said...

what a fun party. and holy cow that's a lot of kids. i love the idea of the lifeguard. i was just thinking how brave you were to do a pool party with young kids but i bet that helped a ton. you're so smart. and lastly, cant' believe they are 7 already. i started following when you were first pregnant. has it really been 7 years?

Anonymous said...

WOW 7 already .. really? Seems like yesterday .. love to your family from New Zealand

Riann Fletcher said...

Wow, I can't believe they're 7 already!!! I've been following your blog for a few years now and also follow you on pinterest. I really enjoy reading all of your blog posts and the wonderful pictures! Happy Birthday Savi, Ethan, Drew, and Ben!!!

Doris Collums said...

Great party ideas! I loved all of them! Happy Birthday to your kiddos!! And your mom looks great!

Grantham Lynn said...

My first time here. And I don't think the pool is cheesy I thought it was great! The whole party was so creative. You inspire!

Alissa said...

Happy Birthday to your kiddos! They look so adorable! I've been following your blog for years now and my twins are 7.5 so I know your quads are close in age to mine....yet I was still amazed when I read that they turned 7! Fantastic party - love the creativity (Pinterest is amazing) of it all! Happy Birthday!!

April said...

wow! I too have been following you since you had your little babes...and I can't believe they are 7! I watched your reality show, and tried to find you at the Denver Airport the weekend you were here...
It's crazy how time changes things. I am now married and have a beautiful 3 month old daughter at home.
Your family is beautiful!
Happy Birthday Ethan, Ben, Savannah, and Drew!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the kiddos. Your Mom looked gorgeous - great hat! Best wishes for a wonderful year, from Ontario, Canada.

Anonymous said...

Your Mom looks wonderful! Best wishes to all for a wonderful year ahead.

Lainey-Paney said...

Looks perfect!

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