Monday, September 01, 2014

Meet the Teacher~ 1st Grade!

Well, since we went all of summer without haircuts, it was time to trim these shaggy surfer dude mop heads. (Drew and Ben waiting patiently for their back-to-school haircuts).IMG_5677



Piling in the burb to meet our new teachers! Sav, Drew, Ben and Ethan. They are proudly holding their teacher survival kits full of Advil, sanitizer, stress-relief lotion, energy crystal light, energy nut packs, chocolate, etc…and hand-written notes from each kid.



(If it was legal to throw kiddie tranquilizers and teacher Valium in there, I most certainly would have~ teachers are heroes, I tell ya. HEROES.)



Ben was SOOOO super excited to have Mrs. Pilgrim! I think she is a perfect fit for our sensitive, sweet little Benny Boo.




Andrew and Mrs. Bush! Get ready for lots of laughs, Mrs. B. This kid is loads of quirky fun. I could write a book with the words that come out of his mouth.




My sweet, loving Ethan has Mrs. Lutsch and is probably the most excited little Steece out of the bunch! Get ready for lots of hugs and green shirts.




Sav and some of her favorite girlfriends are in Mrs. Frey’s class. God bless you, Mrs. F. I will be bringing you lots of coffee and treats on a regular basis.




It is weird/funny/interesting, to see all of the kiddos friends split up in different classes this year. There has been a lot of: “Ben, your BFF is in MY class!”…and “Drew, YOUR BFF is in MY class this year…” If you attend our school/grade, your child will always have one Steece in their class. Crazy.


We are super excited for a fun year with amazing teachers! God truly watches over us and matches each kid up perfectly. Join me in praying for our teachers and kids all across the nation for this upcoming school year! Teachers are angels on Earth.

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Anonymous said...

You brightened the day of all teachers today! Thanks for your kind words. Steece kiddos--may you sour to new heights this year! You are a wonderful family!!! I have enjoyed reading your blog since the birth of your beautiful children.
A MN fan!

Kristen OQ said...

I hardly ever am on blogs anymore, but happen to look today! Your Ben has my friend Nicole as his teacher. Nicole used to work at preschool with me. Small world! She is super sweet!

Jeanne said...

How very neat to show their teachers! I can see some personality matches just by looking at their faces. As a first grade teacher, I have to ask if they coordinate homework and activities? It would/will be a task keeping up with everything! I think you may need a stress reliever also.

Anonymous said...

MN Fan says--May you SOAR to new heights!!!

Michelle said...

I'm friends with Mrs. Lutsh! We grew up in Bryan and went to highschool together! She was so excited to get to teach this year there!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sav looks so much like you in some these recent pics. Your children are growing up so nicely, you are doing a great job.

Lisa Beiler said...

I must say, I love seeing what your kiddos are wearing. You must spend hours planning their wardrobes. Any favorite stores?

Anonymous said...

where are you??? Miss your posts!!

Anonymous said...

MISS your posts! Hope all is well!

Lisa Beiler said...

Hope all is well with you. Miss your posts!

Lisa Beiler said...

Hope all is well. Miss your posts!

Happy Holidays!

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