Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Quads 1st day of 1st Grade

Look at these widdles…from the first day of preschool, to the first day of 1st grade! Unreal.

08 August 2014



I’ll admit… the first day of school this year was SOOO much easier than last year. We knew where to go, saw our friends, easy cheesy.




Well, it happened. When I told the kids to hold hands walking in, there was some backlash… then they just giggled and walked the entire way in with hands clasped. Mom smirked and chuckled to herself~ dreaming about her impending freedom! She could taste it…so close!




Proud to call Little home. It is like a little family. LOVE it.




And the best news eva! Our BFFs, the Tarrant twins, got in to Little!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!




Savi’s best girlfriends have Mrs. Caudill (Ethan’s K teacher) and Mrs. Baty (Ben’s K teacher)!




Time to drop off each quad in his/her classroom. Ben is first! Smile, snap, okay on to the next room.




Say cheese! snap, on to the next classroom…




Ethan, smile! snap, on to the next classroom…




Sav is the last room, ready to wreak havoc on her sweet teacher

Winking smile




I love these crazy 1st graders of mine. This is definitely a super fun age. My little mini-adults. Drew, Sav, Ethan and Ben.


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Chelley N said...

They are just adorable as always . . . and growing so fast!

Barbara Manatee said...

what an adventure! Hope they had a great first week or two!

Lanetta Lutsch said...

Having a terrific time with the kids. So blessed to have awesome parents and to be at such a great school.

Paige S. said...

As a 1st grade teacher, I appreciate your decision to separate your kids (multiples). I wish more parents would consider the same option. Have a great year!!

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