Friday, January 06, 2006

Surprise visit

My brother surprised my mom earlier this week and told her that he had a couple of days off and was going to drive to Waco for the end of the week (we missed him at Christmas b/c he and his wife flip flop holidays and were in Memphis this year)...Well, he called my mom Wednesday while I was talking to her on the phone to tell her that he had been stuck in stand-still traffic, due to an awful wreck around Little Rock (?), on his way to Waco and had to turn around and go back home (to Memphis).

Needless to say, my mom was pretty upset (not mad...but sad), so I decided to try whatever I had to do, to come home and surprise her this weekend. I was able to leave work around lunch time, picked up Shi, and headed to Waco by surprise my mommy on her last weekend before starting back with school! (my dad knew since yesterday afternoon)

It's almost 4:00p and I went to the front door and rang the bell, while Shiloh was scratching to get in. You should have seen her face when she saw us!! The tears were great! And I'm looking foward to playing with my parents all weekend long! (it's always nice to go back home every once in a while, minus the husband--great one-on-one time with the parents!)

Lar, hope to see you, Josh, and baby James at church on Sunday!! ;)


MDM said...

You are too cute!! TMK ( she is linked on my blog) think you are just too stinkin' cute. You and your hubby will have the cutest babies ever!! :)

lauren said...

I agree with mdm and tmk! But, you knew that already! I'm soooo excited you got to come and I can see you this weekend!! Josh and I are going up to Dallas tomorrow, but we're not staying over night. We're going crib shopping! Have so much fun with your mommy!!

suzanne said...

mdm & tmk, THANKS! guys are too sweet! ;) lar, how exciting! crib shopping!!! can't wait to hear how james' room is coming along...

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